Monday, July 06, 2009

What a Long Weekend

I was off work this past week for five days. It was a nice break from my hectic schedule. Angry Toddler has been in swim lessons for the past two weeks, so we've spent most of our free afternoons driving him there. On Friday, Angry Toddler and I went to the Discovery Science Center with my BFF, Stacey and her daughter, Stella. I will blog about that tomorrow.

On the 4th, I started my morning off with doing the Surf City 5K in Huntington Beach. I've done that run the past three years at least. It's a fun run, not a race. I have declared it "not a race" because they don't use timing chips and my time is never accurate. This year, it was off by at least six minutes (epic fail). The good thing about the race is the costumes that people dress up in. It gets very patriotic. I wore some blue shorts, and a red tank top. It was soo hot during the run. But I finished. I came home and took a nap after. Angry Husband wasn't too happy with my nap, but I was.

In the early afternoon, we went to my BFF's parent's house. They have a pool, plus Angry Toddler's BFF, Stella would be there. The days of getting totally wasted on the 4th are gone. Now I all I want to do is look for events that will entertain Angry Toddler.

I got my entertainment very early that afternoon. My BFF's 50 year old aunt decided to a wear a thong bikini at the small family BBQ and pool party? Ummm, small children were present. We did not want to see that. She paraded around like nothing was going on. I made Stacey take a picture with her iPhone. I had to capture the moment. I TwitPic'ed it can find it somewhere on my Twitter account. I don't want to post it directly to the blog, so that everyone can find it. She left the party later that evening, but before that, she put some mesh pants over the thong. How nice of her.

Anyway, we had a good afternoon. Angry Toddler was able to show off what he learned at swim lessons. He's an expert at going under water. The kid who doesn't want his hair washed, will happily dive under, go figure.

Stacey's parents have a turtle pond, which Angry Toddler loves. Me not soo much..turtles kind of creep me they have a small swing set.

After leaving Stacey's parent's house, we headed to another party. My parent's friends were having a party at their house. We had to do a drive by and hang for at least an hour..Angry Husband and I were sooo tired.. We eventually left and made it home for our HOA's fireworks show.

I didn't take any fireworks pictures, because last year Angry Husband told me that my pictures sucked. I didn't even bother bringing a camera this year.


  1. I can't believe you forgot to mention that you ran into me at Bliss! ; )

  2. Looks like it was a great holiday. Pitures of fireworks never turn out but I still try every year. I think you just need a super fancy, super expensive camera.

  3. Uh yea hello?? What about Bliss and the trifecta of you, me and Jen ALL AT THE SAME TIME??

    BTW, saw the pic. I mean, seriously? No one needs to see that. Did anyone say anything to her??

  4. Gosh, does that mean I should not wear my thong out in public? HAHA....I wouldn't even wear a thong for the hubby! Some folks are brave, huh?!

  5. Oh my on the thong, lol. Sounds like a great weekend though!

  6. What about the part where you met up with that crazy friend Casey at Disney?! :P I have some cute pictures of Caden and Talia to send you.

    Cute pictures! Glad you got in your Surf City run. I didn't realize they didn't use chips for that one. It's a nice bonus when you get a good time on a run but it's not a big deal when you don't. I certainly have crappy times with the heat.

  7. I can never get good firework photos either. I suck. Especially since I went to a point and shoot.


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