Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a Week

We started off the week with Angry Toddler getting a cold. Because of Angry Toddler's history with bronchitis, asthma, and those lovely febrile seizures..we freak when his nose starts running. I swear our kitchen and bathroom cabinets are like a mini pharmacy. I should buy stock in the over-the-counter medications that we buy for Angry Toddler.

Angry Toddler also gave me his cold. Which really sucked. I had issues all week. I'm finally feeling better.

Angry Toddler missed preschool on Monday and Tuesday. Thankfully Mr. XBOX and Ms. Wii were able to babysit in lieu of preschool. I had to take Angry Toddler to the doctor on Tuesday, because he was not getting any better. She diagnosed him with an ear infection, which equals prescription medications.

So Angry Julie heads to Target pharmacy and throws down the debit card for $95 (YES, ninety-five dollars) worth of medications. The only positive thing about my Target visit is their kick-ass prescription bottles. When we use other pharmacies (cough, cough CVS, you suck), you have to pour the liquid meds on a spoon and hope that you don't spill it everywhere, will convincing the kid to lick the spoon. Target has these plastic lids on top of the prescription bottle, where you insert this plastic syringe and suck out the meds. Angry Toddler loves the syringes and he happily takes his meds. Yes, I know you can buy the syringes, etc. But I love how Target has these automatically built-in.

Wednesday came...Angry Toddler went back to preschool. Can I get a YIPPEE! And I got a wonderful delivery from the Fed-Ex man. The PR peeps from Sonic Drive-In sent me a $25 gift certificate and some goodies for Angry Toddler. They saw my post about Sonic and wanted to thank me for it. I also felt a little better and worked out Wednesday night. I did a TKB (Turbo Kick Box) class at 24Hour Fitness. It literally kicked my butt.

Thursday, I had to go to the dentist and get two crowns done. I've had the temporaries for 2 months. I should have gone back to the dentist within 2 weeks. I just hate sitting there. It really wasn't that bad.

On Friday, I cleaned the house. I haven't cleaned that much in a really long time. It actually still looks clean. I'm very proud of Angry Husband and Angry Toddler for keeping it that way.

Today, well Saturday, so now yesterday...I took Angry Toddler to his sports class and a birthday party. Angry Toddler's sports class did track and field today. He loved running around. I didn't like the misty rain that was coming down on us. And of course, I dressed my son inappropriately again. He was wearing shorts, while everyone else was wearing pants.

Father's Day..well I ran around and picked up some things tonight while working. I'm not as prepared as usual. BUT I spent $10 on CARDS. Seriously, I should have just drawn some or something. I'm really anti-card right now, because they are like $4.

Hopefully I will get to sleep in this morning...and maybe I can dream about some really good blog posts for next week...maybe...


  1. I hear you on the anti card, I make the kids make them for me. It seems so wrong to spend $4 on the card and then have the person toss them!

  2. Wow, that's AWESOME! Props to Sonic for being proactive and sending you stuff. That's so cool!

  3. Totally cool about Sonic sending you a gift card!!

  4. Totally agree about the meds. Target is awesome! You should get one of those ready-made-box-of-cards. Then, you don't have to go out and buy them and you have about 20 for $15. Especially for men....they don't have a clue where they came from!

    Glad y'all are feeling better.

  5. Glad you and Angry Toddler are feeling better. I didn't know Target did this with their meds. I'm so heading over there next time we need a prescription filled.

  6. Glad AT is doing better. I can just see him screaming for the pink stuff :) I know cards are expensive, I opt for the 99centers. ha ha.

  7. We have got to get Caden and Bram together, he will only take medicine from a syringe as well. And the baby is fine even with a spoon! We may have some spoiled boys on our hands.

    And YEAH! for you and your Sonic gift certificates. That is like a month's worth of Happy Hour refreshing bevs. Lucky you.

    AND can you please further discuss your going to school with Fergie. This my friend is a post on its own. Get to writing.....

  8. wow, you did have a busy/crazy week. I hope this week is better for you. And yeah Sonic.


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