Friday, June 19, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday-Laundry Room

Welcome to the latest installment of Kelly's Korner "Show Us Where You Live Friday". Today, she is featuring play rooms, bonus rooms, and laundry rooms. I will be featuring my "laundry room", or better known as "the laundry area in the garage".

In our old house, we had the laundry room on the second floor near the bedrooms. It was very convenient. In this house, the laundry room is in the garage. Our house is a small one story, so it's not a very far walk to the garage. Although sometimes, I get lazy (this week), and forget about the laundry. I know we all have those days where we've washed the same load of laundry three times, because we forgot it was sitting in the washing machine. Don't tell me that I'm the only person who does this, because I know EVERYONE does this.

Here's the tour:

Overall view of the laundry area. It's the front, right side of our garage. The bike is hanging over the dogs area (bad fur parents). The washer and dryer with cabinets overhead. The washer and dryer are LG brand. The lovely water heater in the corner. Oh, and I'm white trash like that, see my black bra in this photo!

Close-up view of the washer and dryer. After five years, I'm still not completely sold on this front loading washing machine thing.

My fancy drying rack. I hang dry most of Angry Toddler's clothes and my running gear. All the junk behind the drying rack is Angry Husband's. He needs to clean it up! Notice my lovely black bra again! Oh, and see Angry Toddler's awesome new bike!

Cabinet near the washer and dryer. This is where I store all the hangers. I'm OCD and have all of our clothing on wood hangers. I hang dry Angry Toddler's clothing on the plastic hangers. The boxes below the hangers are for e-bay, etc. I sell most of Angry Toddler's clothing on parenting forums. We have all of our cleaning products stored up high. Angry Toddler likes to get into things.
I hope you all enjoyed the tour of my tiny laundry area. I can't wait till next week when we do "Master Bedrooms". That's probably the best decorated room in our house. I'm very excited!!

I can't wait to tour everyone's houses this week!!


  1. it's soooo clean! did you pick up just for us?

    xoxo, K

  2. I don't have a laundry room. HAHAHA sweeeeeeettttttttttt.

  3. You are more organized than I am and I have a laundry room. And AT's new bike is a sweet ride. And nice black bra! At least it was a pretty one.

    OK, should I not be drying all my running/workout stuff? All of it seems to be Nike Dri fit and I haven't noticed any problems but I guess I feel the need to copy you now. Ha!

  4. You're so organized- I love it!

  5. I leave my bras drip-drying by the washer, too. Since that's in the downstairs bath, all guests visiting the bathroom get to see my drying bras. LOL!

  6. you own the organization my friend!


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