Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Monthly Minute Fitness Challenge-June

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I did this last year and it really helped me not be a slacker. I'm trying to figure out what is going on with me and my damn plateau. Yes, I'm probably working out too much. But the lovely thing about me and my extremely slow metabolism...as soon as I slow down the workouts, the weight starts coming on. I may run a lot, but I don't have a runner's body. People will look at me, and think to themselves, seriously, she runs...

So I need some consistency. I'm going to commit to 2500 minutes of exercise every month. If you average it out, it's about an hour a day.

The running, is going pretty good. I'm trying to up my daily mileage. I've been doing the San Clemente Beach Trail about 2 times a week. That's 5 miles each time. Plus, I do about 2 days on the treadmill, and my run club.

I'm doing a Torch Run for the Special Olympics on Thursday. It's a work thing. Law Enforcement Agencies past off the Torch between their cities. I may or may not get pictures of that. You know about the police and not wanting their picture taken. Maybe I can get some pictures of me taken though..


  1. That is a great idea! The trainer at my boot camp gave us charts to chart out food intake and exercise outsid of boot camp. Love it.

    You are totally kicking ass and taking names, sister!!

  2. Hi! I'm so glad you're following my blog. I'll be reading yours! I love the OC....I can't wait to go back someday :o)

  3. Surgery and then ... huge workout sessions once I've recuped!

  4. You've got an adorable blog. I love it! I'm a new follower too.

  5. Hi Julie! Im so glad you stopped by my blog for a visit. Thanks for the nice compliment on the slipcover!


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