Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What I Learned This Week

Life is incredibly busy for me right now. At the beginning of May, actually Mother's Day, I switched shifts at work. I'm now working weekend nights. It's a pretty hard shift when you have a family. Luckily, I only work this shift about 4 months out of the year. It really messes with my body. When I get really busy, I find it very hard to motivate myself when I have some downtime. Downtime, what's that? I work Fridays-Mondays. Angry Toddler has gymnastics on Tuesday nights. Almost every Wednesday, I have something planned, and Thursdays I have run club.

I really have to write everything down to get myself organized. Luckily I have my Blackberry which has an awesome calendar function. I sync it with my Google Calendar. This really saves me from over-programming myself. I almost signed up for some overtime this week on a day that I had a very important Junior League meeting.

I've trying to get especially organized with my Blog lately. It's really coming together and I have a good feeling about it. I have all sorts of ideas in my head, but not enough time in the day. I could literally do two to three blog posts a day if I wrote down everything that goes on inside my head. Thankfully, for Twitter, I can post my ramblings. Kirsten from Wright Creativity gave me a great tip today. She told me that she writes down her blog posts on a calendar. She's able to organize her posts, which gives her a guideline for her website, etc to follow. I always want to participate in blog carnivals, but there are so many out there. By writing things down on a calendar, I'm able to pick and chose when and how I will write my blog posts. I will still so some random posts, but I needed a little structure. Thanks Kirsten!

I also learned how to properly clean the screen and keyboard for my new MacBook. It had umm, sneeze dots all over the screen. I like to call them "water spots", but really they are most likey "sneeze dots".

I'm sure that there are other things that I have learned. I truely belives that I learn something new everyday. But really, the ADHD takes over and I get forgetful. That's why I started doing a calendar for my blog posts today!!


  1. you know you're serious about blogging when you calender your blog carnivals! lol

  2. I write all of my blog posts down on a calendar, too. It's helpful, as I have them written about 2 weeks out. :)

  3. I found your blog through my friend Casey (thestarnesfam). The first time I checked it out you had the nail salon video up-needed a laugh that day and it did the trick. I made my hubby watch the video several times because I had just tried explaining the "nail place" to him a few days before. Anyway, I love to read about how other moms handle their kiddos, husbands, and jobs without hurting someone. Good for you for trying ot organize your thoughts for your blog. Mine are pretty much mindless happenings, but it's fun to keep track of what the family does.


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