Friday, May 29, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday-Children's Rooms

This is my 3rd entry into Kelly's Korner Blog Carnival. She is featuring "Show Us Where You Live Friday". This week is "Children's Rooms".

You can see my posts about my living room and dining room here.

We bought this house in November of 2005. We knew that the previous owner did not have the same umm, taste, as us. We were ok with that and accepted the many projects that were ahead of us. The biggest project in the house was Angry Toddler's room. It was covered in wall to wall wallpaper. It took Angry Husband, Stacey, and I several days to get rid of this wallpaper. Angry Husband had to re-texture all the walls too. It was awful.

Here are some "before" pictures. This was how the room looked when we did the home inspection.

Since 2005, we are on our third room remodel. Angry Toddler started off in his crib, then a toddler bed, and now his "big boy" twin bed. We are currently going with a "dinosaur theme". Angry Husband does not like it. He wants to re-do the entire room into some kind of camouflage theme. I think this may include skateboards, or something. I told him that he can wait next year when Angry Toddler turns "5".

Here are some pictures of his room when he was in the crib. He climbed out of the crib at about 18 months, and was completely out at about 20 months. We then converted the crib into a toddler bed. He was in the toddler bed from January of 2007 to January of 2008.
The changing table converted to a normal dresser. It was made by Bonavita. We got it from a local baby store. It was very sturdy and I loved his baby furniture store. The shelves are from Pottery Barn.

The crib and the armoire were also made from Bonavita. The bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids. It is from the "Super Saurus collection", which is retired. I bought it on e-bay.

Here is Angry Toddler's room as it currently stands. I took these pictures last week.
The bed is from the Pottery Barn Kids Camp Collection. The rug and bedding are from Pottery Barn Kids Retired "Super Saurus" collection. We had a lot of accessories to match the bed when he was in the crib. I found the twin size bedding and the rug on e-bay. The window valance and the clock above the bed are also from e-bay. I found a seller to custom make them to match the bedding. It's been so long that I don't know the seller anymore. The bean bag is the oversized anywhere bean bag from Pottery Barn Kids.

The dresser is from the Pottery Barn Kids Camp Collection as well. The wood dinosaurs were made by one of my mom's friends. The television is a 32" Insignia with a built-in DVD player. Angry Husband installs home theaters for a living. He's been waiting for a very long time to install a TV in Angry Toddler's room. He mounted it in March. Angry Toddler received the Guitar World Tour set for his birthday last week. Notice that you don't see an XBOX or any cords for the TV? Angry Husband put the XBOX and all of its accessories in our master bedroom closet which is adjacent to Angry Toddler's room. If we want to shut down the XBOX, we just go in our room and unplug it. That happens a lot.

This is Angry Toddler's closet. The opening is very wide and very tall. It goes from floor to ceiling. We hated the doors that were originally on it. We didn't realize that it was a custom size though. We had to special order the new doors from Lowe's. We are still debating whether or not to remove the doors and put a curtain up or something similar.

This photo wasn't taken recently. It was taken a little over two years ago. Angry Husband installed this closet management system from The Container Store. It is part of their Elfa System. It looked great when it was all put together. We slowly started taking it apart when Angry Toddler was CLIMBING it. We had to move his dresser into the closet to block him from climbing it. Of course now he has no interest in the closet. Most of his clothes are in the dresser drawers and bed storage drawers. I often forget about the clothes hanging in the closet. It's probably because he has WAY too many clothes. Notice the lovely pink carpeting. That was changed in 2007.

I hope you enjoyed touring Angry Toddler's room. I know that there was a lot of pictures to go through. I felt that it was a better tour to show how it evolved.


  1. Whoa! VERY well decorated and unbelievably organized! No way I'm doing this one this week! HA!

  2. Lovelovelove the closet organization! Cute little boys' room!

  3. wow, you did a great job with the remodel!!

  4. holy ugly batman! those before pics are horrible!!! OMG. you guys did SUCH a great job on the re-do. It must have been a ton of work.

    when we bought our place we had a lot of work to do too. the previous owners had a cabin look going with forest green walls and plaid and they even wallpapered the master bedroom to look like rocks. It was a HUGE pain the butt to remove. Thousands of little pieces of torn wallpaper.

    Anyway, his room is so cute! i love the dinosaurs. Ebay is so awesome for stuff like that.

  5. Those before pics with the wallpaper? Yikes! And Kristin...wallpaper that looked like rocks? Grody. :)

    Great job on redecorating the room! I like the closet organization system.

  6. Love it and I love dinos so I officially approve of cadens room :)

  7. Love Caden's nursery - the colors/the details and accents. Great job! That before picture? Yikes! haha


  8. I like what you've done with the room, especially the Xbox thing! Smart parents! You ARE very organized!

  9. Cute furniture and love the closet organizers!

  10. i love it now, but seriously... you really didn't have to get rid of the wall paper. i kinda liked it!

    & i have friend who put up some colorful curtains over her huge closet & loves it & i think it looks great!

  11. Such a cute room! I love the organized closet!

  12. I think y'all could do camo with the dinosaurs. No? Precious precious precious. Great furniture. And the television? Tell Caden not to mention that to Bram. Please.

    You have darling taste.


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