Thursday, May 28, 2009

Angry Toddler's Birthday Party

Last Tuesday was Angry Toddler's 4th Birthday. We had his party the Saturday before. We had it at The Little Gym, which my BFF, Stacey, owns. I gave Angry Toddler several options on places to have his party, he picked The Little Gym. I choose to go with a skateboard theme, because I'm all about the themes.

I choose to go with this invite. Kim from bubsiedesigns on Etsy made it for me. She is fabulous and was great working with me and my ADD.

I had Kristin from Meringue Bake Shop do cupcakes for the event. She made her Groovy ones which are tie dye and she put awesome skateboards on them (which the kids fought over).

The kids were able to have some free play in the gym, along with some directed activities from the instructors. They had a great time and really burned off some energy.

Mr. and Mrs. Angry Toddler chose to have meltdowns while everyone played.

The kids then had some light snacks of Uncrustables, fruit, and vegetables. It was a nice break from pizza. Most of the birthday parties I've been too have included pizza. Sometimes, ok most of the time, pizza is a bit overwhelming for small kids. Plus what I served seemed to be a lot cheaper too...bonus!

And after snacks, it was time for CUPCAKES!!!! Everyone raved about the fantastic cupcakes from Kristin!

It turned out to be a great party. It was nice to have it at The Little Gym. It started at an exact time and ended prompty. We were out of there in two hours.

We did have another BBQ later that night...

I'm glad that the birthday season is now over and I can relax. I get so stressed out about planning Angry Toddler's birthday parties.


  1. those are some great pics!! I can't wait to have kids some day. Looks like it was a fun time. Worth all that planning. Thanks for the shout out too!!

  2. So cute! What a perfect theme for little guy. Those cupcakes look delish.

  3. Great cupcakes and great invitation! So fun!

  4. That little upside down girl is cute ;)

  5. The invitation is really cool and unique. But what I love most are the cupcakes! They're really attractive and looks sooo yummy! My little boy's birthday is coming up and I want to have cupcakes too with cars on top (my son loves cars). Really great idea.

  6. What an awesome party! Great theme and simple yet effective!

  7. seriously... you plan the BEST parties. will you plan my birthday party? that would be awesome. maybe it would actually happen. unlike last year when i just talked about having a "rock band" party... too bad it was all talk!

    xoxo, K

  8. Darling party. Love the cupcakes, love the invitations.

  9. Oh, man! Those cupcakes turned out perfect!! and I love those invites. I showed it to Ben, now he wants a skateboard party, though it's a year away so who knows what he will end up wanting.
    I have had three parties at little gym (in Tustin) and it was hands-down the best party we had.


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