Monday, June 01, 2009

Over Usage of Mr. MacBook

Ever since I bought my new MacBook, I take it everywhere with me. It's attached to my hip. I use it for everything. I have everything integrated into it now. I rarely use my PC anymore. Too bad that we are still making payments on it. I think Angry Husband is over the PC now.

Unfortunately, he still has to use the PC to program remote controls for work, etc. He also likes to play computer games, and he says that it takes forever for them to be on Apple. His loss. He barely knows how to work Mr. MacBook, which is probably a good thing.

I have sort of a problem though. With all of my usage of Mr. MacBook, it's starting to look a little icky. I'm completely freaked out about cleaning it. I don't want to screen the beautiful screen on it.

This is what I texted Angry Husband last night:

Umm, what do I use to clean the MacBook?

His response:

A micro-fiber cloth

My response:

Well I've done that. But how do I get all the water spots off the screen and the ick off the keyboard?

His respose:

My response:

Do we have any? Where do I buy it?

Well folks, I came home early in the morning and found a bottle of it on our kitchen table. Angry Husband bought it at Best Buy.
Angry Husband works in the home theater biz. He has me completely freaked out about cleaning our monitors, LCDs, and Plasmas in the house. He says that you ALWAYS should clean them with a micro-fiber cloth and a product like Monster ScreenClean or something similar. He has seen so many TVs damaged from using the wrong products on them.


  1. Thanks for this advice. I need to clean my laptop and I was wondering what I should use.

  2. I think I'm going to get a Mac when I have to replace this computer. Scared to make the move, but I never hear anyone say that they don't LOVE theirs.

  3. thanks for the tip. I need to clean my MacBook too. It's looking kind of grimy because I've loved it to death! Hey, guess what? I'm going to have smaller boobs soon! yay! : )

  4. I have been using windex. Shit.

    At Home pajamas every single Christmas here as well. And I buy them anytime they are on sale, and sometimes not....

    Yes, it totally sucks that we live so far apart. We would be a mess.

  5. WORD! Don't use paper towels people!!!

  6. Good to know! Stop by and clean my screens, mkay? Thanks.

  7. I really need to do this with my Macbook. Thanks for the tip...and what a thoughtful husband!


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