Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday Busy-Ness

Angry Toddler is turning 4 next week. We are having his birthday party on Saturday. We are then having a BBQ after the birthday party. So it's like 2 parties. We are having the BBQ for the baseball crowd. People who have kids in sports (baseball, etc.).

Then Monday, I'm going to bring treats and gift bags to Angry Toddler's school for his birthday. Yes, I'm that mom..

Tuesday, Angry Husband and I are taking Angry Toddler to Disneyland for his birthday. He gets in free, but we have Season Passes. So he will get a gift certificate to spend there on really expensive things that we don't want to spend our money on.

I have so much to do. Angry Husband keeps asking if I've made lists, ordered food, etc. I'm getting there, slowly.

First thing I had to do today was wrap the presents. I know that Angry Toddler will be around me most of the time until his party on Saturday. This was my only chance to get things wrapped.

Looking at his gifts, you would think he was turning 14 and not 4. Angry Toddler is turning into quite the gamer lately. It's Angry Husband rubbing off on him. Really, he didn't have a choice, it's genetic.

I captured this on video a few weeks ago. He was quite annoyed that I was interrupting to him. Notice the eye rubbing, he was soo tired. Yet, he kept on playing. Quite the gamer in training.

And the skateboard stuff..well he's been begging for a skateboard, ever since we attended this event. I'm going to dedicate Angry Toddler's skateboard obsession to Ed aka RockDaMullet. He truly inspired it!


  1. That video is funny! Can't believe AT is turning 4. Those are some sweeeet presents.

  2. wow, that will be a busy few days, but I know he will enjoy it! Your a good mama!


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