Wednesday, May 13, 2009

San Clemente Beach Trail, A Breezy Run

This is the second time that I've ran the San Clemente Beach Trail. It's a little over 5 miles if you run/walk/jog it both ways. I ran it with my friend, Pesha, and her adorable daughter, Charlie. We loaded Charlie up in my Bob Revolution Stroller, and went our way. Note to self, must add air to tires in stroller. It works much better with pumped up tired.

The beginning of the trail was a bit crowded. There are some boot camps that utilize the trail for their programs, and the women were stretching or finishing their cool downs. There were all kinds of strollers parked around the area. It was a bit congested, almost like the 91 Freeway during traffic time. I did roll my eyes a little. Pesha and my BFF, Stacey, know about my little contention with San Clemente and the "mommy crowd". I like to call it a little cult that they have on their "Island of SC". Ironically, I was wearing a USC Football hat to run in, totally not planned, yet a very bad hair day.

We started trotting on the trail. Every few minutes, Pesha would be waving to someone or another. Why, because she knows everyone. Just like, Stacey, they know everyone. I had to giggle about this, just a little. We passed all kinds of people, and I had to comment, as usual. I like to provide my commentary to Pesha while running. It keeps us entertained, and perhaps a little distracted from what we were actually doing, running. I laughed at the mommies with normal strollers trying to run. I don't get it..."I want to say hon, I know you have a brand new baby and you are trying to get fit..but really the $700 stroller was meant for the mall, not off-roading." Then there were the guys running with their shirts off. A bit bold, I may say. Some men just need to keep their shirts on. I understand that you may have the abs to take the shirt off, but sometimes along with the abs comes a little, um manscaping. I'm sorry but I get really creeped out by the over-abundance of chest hair on men, and/or even worse, weird chest hair patterns. Like when the chest hair starts creeping over to the shoulder area. Not so appealing.

While we were running we were provided with a gorgeous view. It makes things a lot easier. We discussed children, husbands, married, fitness, you name it. That's why I like to run with friends. It makes everything easier. Plus you get can some free therapy.

We finished the trail and a very nice breeze came along. Perfect for wicking off that sweat. Yes, people, Angry Julie sweats. I can't always be perfect. Charlie was begging to go on the swings. We obliged. The poor girl was trapped in a stroller for 5 miles, and had to hear all of our ranting.

I asked one of the many "mommies" near by to take our picture. Mostly to show my husband some proof, that yes, I actually went for a trail run today. Plus, why not. The day was beautiful. The "mommy" asked if something about Charlie being in the swing, and if she was ok. Pesha and I both did some type of shrug with our shoulders, and said she will be fine. Seasoned parents we are. The kid will be fine. Just take our picture. Why? Because the parents are never in the pictures, always the kids. The parents are too busy taking the pictures.

Pesha is on some of tennis addiction right now. But she has agreed that it's kinda good to do this Beach Trail Run. I think we are going to try and do it more frequently if children, sickness, maids, bank deposits, surgeries, car accidents, or anything else doesn't get in the way.


  1. Oooooh San IS an island, isn't it?! How beautiful is that sky, though?

  2. All your talk of running makes me want to. I don't think I should because of a back surgery. But's so tempting. I had just started running when my back was messed up and I had surgery.

  3. I go down to SC for walks a lot because it's so close. I can be down there in a flash, get a nice walk in and be back home fairly quickly. I've never hung around any of the moms down there? And you're making me think maybe I'm glad about that ...

  4. Love your honesty!

    I almost bought a Bob, but it seemed too serious for me. Like, people might think I know how to run. (gasp!) So, I got a Bumbleride instead. And, I am aware of my place with that stroller. Trying to look cute and shopping. Not running! :)

  5. Oh c'mon, we (SC moms) aren't that bad.... We invented Chardonnay Friday for crap sakes!:)

  6. That looks like a beautiful running spot. I'd love to check it out one day. I'm with you on the ixnay on the shirtless and sweaty running men. Not attractive at all.


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