Monday, May 18, 2009

Blogger Award

I was so excited to hear that I got an award. One Fabulous Mom crowned me with this fabulous-ness. I'm supposed to name three things that make me awesome!

1. I'm totally Type-A. When I commit to something, I tend to totally over-do it. If I have a theme, I go out of control with it.

2. I pass my addictions onto others. I've probably gotten at least 3 people addicted to drinking Monster Energy Drinks in the past month.

3. I'm a role model and inspire people. I've had several people whom have told me that all of my talk about running has made them want to start running. I would not say that I was an experienced runner. It's easy to run, it's free, and why not. I'm trying to do a little more running lately. I'm attempting to lower my 5K time, plus trying to decide on whether or not to train for a half marathon.

I'm going to now pass the crown over to three other bloggers that I love. I read their blogs daily!

Danica from Chic Runner. She's a runner too. She inspires me to start training for the half marathon that I've been debating on!

Jen from the BLAH BLAH BLAHger. We've really connected the past few months. We live within miles of each other. We have a common friend who lives in a completely different state. Jen inspired me to complete all of those un-finished projects in our house. Plus, she recently took some awesome photos of Angry Toddler and little ole' me.

Kristin from Meringue Bake Shop. Meringue Bake Shop is a business and a blog. Kristin is a fabulous cupcake baker. I've used her baking services 3 times already since I've met her. She works a regular 9-5 job full-time and then spends her nights making fabulous works of art. She's broadening her business and recently starting selling her cakes in a local yogurt shop.

These ladies are all AWESOME and I was happy to give them this award!


Thank You for taking the time to comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. At least I know that someone in my life actually agrees with me.

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