Saturday, December 27, 2008

How Not To Decorate Your Home for Christmas

I was at my mom's last night, trying to help her with her computer. My mom is pretty computer illiterate. She was trying to open a PDF file sent to her via e-mail. While I was there, I was looking at her e-mail inbox.

So my crazy Aunt Bonnie always sends her these random e-mails. Aunt Bonnie is on my Dad's Whiskey Tango (White Trash) side of the family. She always sends these random e-mails. She's been doing it for years. Thankfully, I changed my e-mail address, so I don't get her spam.

My grandma passed away last year, and somehow a last minute will was written. My Aunt Bonnie inherited everything. Yea, can you say all my Dad's siblings are pretty pissed off. So anywho, my Grandma's house was sold off, cause there was a reverse mortgage on it. What does my Aunt do with the money....she bought a trailer!

So she writes this e-mail to all the relatives. This was her exact wording.

"When I applied to live in this Mobile Home Park, the "rules" said, "No potted plants aloud, we take pride in our Mobile Home park and want it to be presentable."

Yea, umm, anyway, I didn't misspell any words. I typed them exactly as she wrote them. So she included these pictures in her e-mail. They are pictures of her neighbors, ah, ahem trailer.

I have nothing against trailers. I promise. I just don't think this is the proper way to decorate for Christmas. I can't imagine what those all look like now. It's been raining soo much lately in Southern California.

P.S. Click the photos. You get a much better look at them, that way!


  1. I have tears!!! I couldn't even read that shit!!! ALOUD!!!!!

    I love it!!!!!

  2. Holy shit! Give me an address so I know where to send my kids extra bears next year.

  3. I love it! Love 'Whiskey Tango', and love the pictures! As my husband would say- it looks like someone vomited teddy bears!

  4. Oh my...stuffed animals don't fare well in rain...yuck!

  5. Jeez! That's just not a nice way to kill a stuffed animal. Can you imagine the moldy smell too...the junk growing on/in those poor little guys! Eeeewwwwww

  6. Ewwww so gross. I would hate to see the inside of those bears. Were bears on clearence somewhere? That is funny and sad at the same time.

  7. OH NO!!!!!!!!! Overkill or what!?

  8. Can I swear? I'm going to. HOLY SHIT. We're the same person only you're angry (wink). My grandfather just left everything to my Uncle and nothing to My mom. She wouldn't care except he specifically said to my Uncle and his 4 kids and left my mom and her 4 kids out even though we all live within 3 miles of each other (well some of us have moved, but my mom and her bro are within 3 miles of their dad). He's still kickin' at 92 but won't budge. He's old school and thinks the boys gets it all and screw the daughter. Bullshit.

  9. Yea, I told my mom about these pics today. I said, oh I forwarded those pics to Stacey today. She doesn't know about the blog. She was like, "what pictures?" I said the damn stuffed animal trailer pics.... She had no clue. Apparently she deleted all the e-mails today. Seriously, I don't think she saw them. She probably would have wet her pants..

  10. That is great! I might do that to our house next year. I am sure our HOA with love us!!

    And Whiskey Tango? Great name for white trash. And everyone has them in their fam. I don't care who you are.

  11. No WAY!! No WAY!! No WAY!! No WAY!! those are too funny! I thought there was no way these were real! AHH, thanks for sharing... wisky tango Christmas LOL!


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