Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was Angry Husband's 35th Birthday. He was quite cranky all day. I finally asked him what was wrong with him. He said, "You can be bitchy and pissed off on your birthday, but I can't." Yea, let's just say good times.

Angry Toddler went to preschool for 1/2 day, and then we went and picked my mom up from work, at the fricken mall. My mom refuses to park in that special "Holiday Employees Only" parking in Egypt. So she either has someone drop her off, or she drives my dad's truck. She thinks she is very sneaky. I had to drop her off that morning and now, I was driving 15 minutes from my house, to pick her up. I took Angry Toddler in the mall with me, the kid loves shopping.

After shopping and a nap, it was time to drive to a family friend's house. We've know these people since I was like 5. I've grown up with them. We found with Angry Toddler about his outfit choice. He wants to wear a Spiderman shirt. I fought with him about it. Angry Hsuband told me to leave him alone. My mom then fought with Angry Toddler about the shirt, he refused. Finally, Angry Husband advised Angry Toddler that everyone else was wearing red, and that he had to wear red. The kid put on that red shirt, a button-up, his first button-up shirt in 2 YEARS. We then hopped in the car, and sat in some lovely Southern California traffic for 1.5 hours.

We had some good food and good times. Angry Toddler really likes playing with the older kids. He behaves very well around them. Note to self, have them around more often.

Madison, Miley, Angry Toddler, and Jacob chillaxing at the Kid's Dinner Table

The kids watching "A Nightmare Before Christmas" upstairs. We all thought it was very quiet, so I went upstairs to check on them. This photo was taken in the dark, but my flash is so bright...

The kids opening gifts.

Angry Husband and Angry Toddler (wearing that lovely red shirt)


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