Monday, December 22, 2008

Text Messages from Angry Husband

I love parenting by text message. It's quite entertaining. So I'm at a local hospital on a call from work. I'm standing there waiting with my co-workers. I suddenly feel my Blackberry vibrate and see that the text is from Angry Husband.

Angry Husband: I think we need a new rug soon... he just barfed a pile of crap like 5 times in a row...

Me: Why?

Angry Husband: no clue, he told me he was sick and gonna throw up, I told him to run to the bathroom but he stopped and threw up a ton..

Me: Ewwwww

Angry Husband: it stinks like hell too

Me: Ohhh I'm soo sorry :(

Me: 2 more days, ugh, we only need him at school 2 more days...

Angry Husband: it will be fine, hes chillin milk 2 nite

Me: Yea umm gross

Angry Husband: goin to bed, lets hope for no more pukin...sorry for the smell. i did my best

Angry Toddler was a reflux baby. He has always had a real easy gag reflux. If his stomach starts hurting, even a tiny bit, he pukes. Then he feels fine. Our poor family room furniture is trashed because of this. I think we've washed the cushions on our couch at least ten times. We vow to get a new couch when he is like 5, because he still hasn't learned to run to the bathroom or ask for a bucket to puke in. He probably ate too much or something...

I can only imagine how it will smell at 3am, when I get home.


  1. that's so funny! We get our carpets steamed cleaned OFTEN!

  2. Oh no...No matter how you look at it, that is no fun:(

  3. poor AT! You should have buckets handy at all times!

  4. YIKES!!! poor guy!

    Yes, texting messaging has changed the way we all communicate.. I do love it.

  5. Wow. We really need to hang out. We're both Julie'd (awesome) and I swear I've lived the same experiences! One of these days, I'm flying to CA to hang ;)


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