Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

We got up around 8am on Christmas. Angry Toddler ran out to the front room and saw all the toys. He was very excited. He liked his Batman items, Lincoln Logs, and Pirate Ship.

My parents came over late in the afternoon and we upwrapped more gifts. Angry Toddler loved Spike the Ultra Dinosaur. He also received a Razor scooter. He rode that scooter around our tiny house all day long.

Angry Toddler then crashed out on the floor near the front door and took a nap. He was soo tired.

We had ham and chicken for dinner. Yea, I know the chicken was kind of random. I loathe ham.


  1. oh, loved the slide show! Man, I really need to get a Wii.

  2. Great photos! I love the one with Angry Toddler fixing the ornament.

    OT-Don't shun me pretty please! It was a quick trip down to San Diego and I couldn't help but stop for a few days in the OC. I even thought of emailing you down there, but both hotels internet were not working. Please forgive me...we are thinking of heading back down for Diva's Birthday in February. I will be sure to let you know! :)


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