Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bless my BFF, Momma Stacey

We've always had Angry Toddler call my BFF, Stacey, "Momma Stacey". Momma Stacey is doing a wonderful thing for me today. She is taking Angry Toddler and her daughter, Stella, to the snow today. This is his first time seeing snow. I think it's about a 2 hour drive.

Angry Husband and I have been working alot this past week. Plus, Angry Toddler has been out of preschool also. It's been soo hard to get simple things done, like the laundry, dishes and stuff.

Stacey volunteered to take the kids along with her husband. YAY!!! She's a crazy woman though. Two 3 year olds? NUTS!! But then again, she does own a kid's gym.

Oh and sure enough, Angry Toddler had his asthma-bronchitis cough going on today. I was sure to give him all his meds. He even requested a breathing treatment. I hate these weather transitions, we are having. It's soo hard on his system.


  1. What, no comments people? Just an update, AT and my Daughter were FANTASTIC today. They fight like an old married couple in the back seat but lucky for us, my husband thinks it's funny. They argued about who the sun belonged to, who the freeway belonged to, who got to sit in the polka dots car seat, who got to eat the apples. But lucky for us, my daughter aka DRAMA QUEEN only cried twice (once on the way up, once on the way down). They had fun and were so funny all day!

  2. OK, where do I get a Momma Stacey?

  3. what a good friend! Now why can't I have friends like that?? HAHAH

  4. Stacey must drink a lot huh? How fun for Angry Toddler. Bram is begging for snow around here, damn Little Bill and his snow angels.
    Hope he feels better, these coughs are driving everyone nuts!!


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