Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Recovering from my Weekend

I haven't had the focus or concentration to really blog all weekend. I have lots of things to blog about. I've even made some lists of potential blog topics. But, I just can't quite sit down and type.

I'm still in a bi-polar love/hate relationship with my hair. Yes, it will grow. There is actually a length that I want it to get to. I have a picture on my desk at home, with me and an ex-friend, S. I think I'm going to wait for about 4 weeks for the next haircut. That will be around my birthday. Ye gads, I can't have another tragic haircut, the week of my birthday.

I'm soo very tired right now, but I will try and plow through some posts. I've been working weekend nights since early September and it's killing me. My body is fighting soo hard to adjust. I can't figure out when to work out, what times to eat, how long to sleep, yet even do laundry. Even Angry Husband mentioned today that I've really cut down on my workouts.

I didn't leave work until 4am, Monday morning. This is not good. I sleep until 11:30am-ish, which only gave me a few hours before I had to return to work again. Angry Husband was already running around cleaning the house. I sorted the laundry and began marinating Angry Toddler's laundry. I call it "marinating" because, I have to pick through every single thing that he wears, looking for stains, and using stain products on the stains.

I then decided that I would do a "tiny" run, like 3 miles or something. I turned on the TV in the garage and hopped on the treadmill. At about mile 2, the treadmill completely shut down. I freaked. I screamed for Angry Husband. Did he hear me? Nope. Damn Marine Corps made him lose hearing....although I secretly think he tunes me out. About 30 minutes later, he went and looked at the treadmill. He said that I tripped a breaker or something. He then mumbled something about re-wiring the garage electrical outlets, or something.

I was really freaking about the treadmill. I have a membership to 24-Hour Fatness. But really sometimes, I had getting all dressed up in my gym clothes, so that I can come out of there looking like a drowned rat. I much prefer running on my home treadmill in my shorts and whatever is available sports bra. No one can see my muffin top, well no one, except our dogs.

I got a little pro-active today though. I laid out my gym clothes for tomorrow. As soon as I get up, I'm going to roll into my gym clothes, and head to 24 Hour Fatness. I have a date with the elliptical and some weights.


  1. I hope your treadmill gets working again. I hate going to the gym because I know I people watch like crazy there and I know peeps are watching my and my fatrolls trying to exercise!!

  2. I really enjoy going into the gym. I don't even do shit with my hair. Cuz I don't give a FUCK about how I look. As long as I get my workout in, I'm GOLDEN!!!

    Sorry about the treadmill. I hope it gets to working again.


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