Thursday, October 16, 2008

Holiday Wear

I got addicted to custom clothing about 2 years ago, because of my pal, Londie. I loved all the cute Holiday-themed things we got. Unfortunately, Angry Toddler has become quite picky now that he's 3. Also, it seems that the customs that I purchased before have come quite expensive.

Manisha posted a comment the other day on my blog asking if I had gotten Angry Toddler any special custom tees for the Holidays. Actually, I have. My BFF and gal pal, Stacey, called me the other day. She told me that the children's boutique near her business was having a sale. She called for my approval. Ha, which is funny, cause she totally knows my taste. She picked up two tees from the brand, Haute Boyz. They are a local brand, right out of the O.C. I first heard of Haute Boyz when I went to the Junior League's Christmas Company, a few years ago. I love their stuff.

Here are the shirts that Stacey picked up for Angry Toddler.


  1. I just ran to Picture People this mornign to do the kids Christmas photos. I wanted to beat the holiday rush!

  2. Courtney...I AM dangerous!! LOL!! I love spending my friends money, my mom's money...LMAO!!

    If you got money I can help you have FUNNNN!! LOL

    Cute Tees JD!!!

  3. Those shirts are so cute!

    I found a seller on Etsy that has the cutest custom holiday shirts! I want to order one!


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