Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm being totally lazy today. I'm catching up on my DVR'ed shows. I'm blogging and reading my favorite blogs.

I have a hair appointment at 11:30, it's now 10:20. This damn short hair. I have to get it cut every 2 weeks for it to look decent. It sucks. I'm letting it grow out a little longer on top though.

I have laundry and cleaning to do, but I don't want to start.

My mom was being her total bi-polar self as usual. She was flipping out about some spider she saw in her house last night. She's convinced that it bit her and it's poisonous. DRAMA! I was like, uh huh, uh huh, ok. Then she started bitching about the stick market again. My mom has never bought any stocks on her own. All the stocks that my mom has were my grandma's. I kept telling my mom that she needs to diversify her portfolio cause she has no clue about the stocks that she has. She continued to bitch about how much shopping we (her and I) do and how we need to stop. I haven't been shopping with my mom for at least a month. She goes on and on...

Then she tells me to meet her at Victoria's Secret at 2pm. She gets off work at 2pm and wants to go shopping there. I've been complaining about not having any bras that fit me lately. With weight loss, comes smaller boobies for Angry Julie. So I guess she's back to shopping again.

I suppose I will motivate myself to do some things when I get back from the mall.


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