Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Teeth Makeover

I don't know why I didn't do a post on this months ago. I was going through my Photobucket account and looking at the pictures again. I guess I thought people would find me too vain, but hey what the hell, I am kinda vain. Ever since I was in my early teens, I started having alot of problems with my teeth. I can't tell you how many crowns, filings, and root canals I've had, but I know it's alot. Some of my teeth I've had worked on 2-3 times.

I went to a new dentist, Dr.Padideh Shafiei, here in town. The practice is brand new, but she has years of experience. I was having problems with my old dentist and wanted a fresh start. We started with some x-rays, and went over my dental history. She found that two of my crowns/root canals had problems, go figure. I knew that there was something wrong with them, but nobody could figure it out. My teeth have alot of problems, cause I was sick all the time as a kid (asthma, bronchitis, etc.). I was given some many prescription drugs, that the enamel was being eaten off my teeth. I paying for it as an adult.

Dr. Shafiei asked if I ever thought about cosmetic dentistry. Of course, I have. I live in Orange County, the land of cosmetic procedures. Well we discussed porcelain veneers. I was hesitant about the price, but I knew that I could make payments. I came home and discussed it with Angry Husband. He gave me his usual response, "If it's something you want to do, do it, I'm not going to hold you back." Well I decided to get them done, EIGHT teeth.

I then started going to Dr. Shafiei for the preparation procedures. We have to take lots of molds of my teeth, prep my gums, and some drilling. It was a very long and painful process. Seriously, I've never been in some much pain in my life. I couldn't even chew hard food for a couple of weeks, cause I have my temporaries in.

I had this done in April/May and I'm soo excited about the results. Seriously, the pain was all worth it. I remember how painful it was still, but I have no issues with them now. I do have a problem of smiling too much. My co-workers always make fun of me. One friend, Kim, says that I need to give a normal smile and not the fake smile I like to give now. I just can't help it.

Getting my teeth done, was part of my whole Angry Julie Makeover. I'm going to post some pics. You can tell that I've lost weight between the before/after pictures, plus I will include a now picture also. I know alot of people think about getting this done, but never know anyone who's actually gotten it done.




P.S. Please ignore my jacked up lipstick in my afters. My mouth was still numb and I barely got it on there.


  1. I had no idea that it was actually painful to get that done! I really love the new smile. It definitely looks worth it to me. I can see why you're so smilely. Your teeth look awesome!!

  2. pretty teeth!! how does it work? do they just put them over your old teeth? I need details!

  3. I forgot to say, I totally love that first hairstyle on you, in the first after picture, the sorta flippy style, bring it back!!

  4. It looks awesome! Was it really expensive? Did insurance cover any of it?

  5. Yes, it was painful. They grind down your natural teeth and place the veneers over them. I had lots of drugs, but they shot the drugs into the roof of my mouth. OMG it hurt.

    Unfortunately insurance doesn't cover it. It is quite costly. Like as much as plastic surgery.

    M, I'm trying out the short hair for awhile. It's quick and easy, perfect for running.

  6. Very pretty!! I HATE the dentist too. I had to get a crown yeterday and just started crying like a baby because it hurt so bad, ugh.

  7. How pretty! (You were pretty before too!) But those new teeth are snazzy! I'd love to have teeth that white and perfectly straight!

  8. What a beautiful smile!!
    And I love the short hair!

  9. AJ, you are what HOT mama!!!! Love the short hair AND the new choppers!

  10. Wowie girlie!! You look amazing! Man, I would LOVE to have a great looking smile!

  11. Hi Julie, someone googled my name and came across "Angry Julie"!!! She forwarded me your site. I must say I got worried to see my name, teeth makeover and angry Julie in one page, but then after reading the whole page I did have a smile on my face too. Sorry about the pain I caused, but everything came with lots of love and care :-)
    I am happy to know that you are happy with the result and thank you for all the compliments. By the way I love your haircut in the green shirt. You look good.
    PS. I am pregnant and will not be in for a while after Feb. If you need anything call me or come in before I leave, temporarily that is.
    -Dr. Shafiei


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