Thursday, September 25, 2008

Air Conditioner Nazi

My mom is a total air conditioner nazi. She does not have air conditioner in her house. She doesn't think she needs it. Oh my god, it is soo hot in my parents house though. Seriously, every time I go over there, I'm sweating. She thinks that they get an afternoon breeze there, umm no. They actually own three houses and no one of them has air.

I am quite different than that. Having air conditioning is one of my guilty pleasures. I love it. I run my air 24/7 during the summer and warmer months.

My mom is currently freaking out about finances. This woman has no need to freak out. But, she called me this morning and was like, "Have you turned off your air? It will lower your electric bill. It's going into the Fall months." Umm no mom, I like my house to be at the temperature of a hotel room. I can't sleep when it's hot in my house.

We live in a one story house that gets extremely hot. There is no breeze. Plus, we have a 125 gallon salt water fish tank. We need to buy a chiller for it. A chiller cools down the water. Unfortunately, Angry Toddler still gets into everything, and we don't want him to break the chiller. So we just crank the AC on so that the fish tank won't get too hot.

You can tell when my mom has been in the house too. Everytime she comes over to watch Angry Toddler she turns off the AC. Angry Husband always comes home and announces, "Dammit, did your mom turn off the AC, it's like 80 something degrees in here."

I'm sure she will turn off the AC and give me the lecture sometime this weekend too. Mom, we still have another month of heat in California, maybe more, please let me enjoy my AC.


  1. I have the opposite problem. My parents complain when they visit that I keep my air on 78--they think that's too hot!

  2. LOL! I just put up a post about ten minutes ago and it was titled "the tech nazi."

  3. I would DIE!!! I can't believe they don't have ac!!! How do they live???


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