Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quote of the day from Angry Toddler

I think I shall randomly start posting some quotes from Angry Toddler. He's always got something entertaining today.

Angry Toddler had some Gymboree pirate underwear on today. Then all of the sudden, he wanted his shark underwear. I said, "No, they are dirty. You wore them yesterday."

He goes in the laundry and finds the shark underwear.

He promptly holds them up, while smelling them and says...

"These underwear are not dirty. I smell no poops. They is clean."

Ummm, yea. He settled for the Gymboree Halloween ghost ones....


  1. EWWW...he sounds like a college guy!!

    He is so crazy!! LOL

  2. omg that is just like a boy!!! LOL

  3. HOLY COW!! That is hilarious... yes we need to hear more from him!!


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