Friday, September 19, 2008

Gaming Widow

Angry Husband and I argue about "computer time" every day. This is the reason he bought me a laptop. Some times, I just feel more comfortable using the desktop. One of the reasons we fight over the desktop is because he has his "games" installed on it.

YES, my husband is a gamer. His computer gaming almost caused a divorce several years ago. He was playing that game, Everquest, almost 10 hours a day. It was pre-Angry Toddler but it still pissed me off. He would ignore everything in his life to play that game. He even started calling in sick to play. And to make things worse, his best friend played it too. So both of them would make plans to meet up and play online together. It was really frustrating. They would schedule these "raids" and play all night long. Finally, we had it out one day and he deleted his account and broke the CD for the game.

Well for the past few weeks he has been talking about a new role playing game. As he would expect, I roll my eyes when he talks about it. Well two days ago, he bought Warhammer Online. He played it for a few minutes on Wed night.

But last night, I wanted to kill him. Angry Toddler was starting to fall asleep on the couch. Angry Husband puts on one of those headset things with the mouth pieces and starts yaking away. Seriously dude, you are LOUD. He was talking to one of his co-workers on it. I could hear both conversations. I gave him my Angry Julie look from the front room, he gave me another one back.

Finally, Angry Toddler fell asleep and we moved him to his bed. I told AH, "Do you realize how loud you were? This can't go on every night." Angry Husband responded, "It's the headset, I need a better one."

He doesn't get it. Thankfully, I work the next 4 nights and won't have to endure this. Poor Angry Toddler.


  1. uh oh!! Sounds like a storm is abrewing! Is it Tropical Storm Julie???

    I think you need to put the smack down again!!! He's gonna fall right back into it!!

    NOT GOOD!!!

  2. Typical mens way of thinking!

    It's the headset I need a new one

    My friends hubby is into that World of Warcraft and it caused a big fight between them too. I guess it becomes addicting.

    Tropical Storm Julie :) I like the way that sounded LOL

  3. uuuhhhhh oh! I was around for that the first time. Not good!

  4. Those games ARE addictive - I'm a gamer myself. But 10 hours a day, calling in sick? Uh, that's an actual addiction...and I think Social Services has a branch now for Gaming Addicts. Seriously!

    Anyway good luck - those things are time sucks :(


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