Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Angry Husband's Cousin

AH's cousin, Jackie, got married this weekend. Her wedding took place in San Gregorio, CA, which is in Northern California. Unfortunately, the Angry Family was unable to attend due to work conflicts, finances, and well, umm an Angry Toddler who likes to misbehave at weddings.

Jackie sent me a sneak peak of her wedding photographs. Her photographer, Kerry Ling, posted some on his blog. The photos are under September 13, 2008: Jaclyn and Brandon Wedding.

Jackie loves "Vintage" themes and all "Things" Vintage. I think her theme was beautiful and perfect for her.

I didn't want to steal any photographs or anything, that's why I linked the blog. But, you can click on the link, and see for yourself, how beautiful is was.

Kerry Ling Photography


  1. Super great wedding pictures!!!! Loved them. Thanks for sharing them. And glad they got married. Congrats to them!!!

  2. Wow, what amazing photographs!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. I love her dress! It is TDF! When I marry my next ex husband I am totally having a vintage dress!

    that is such an awesome wedding! congrats to them!


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