Friday, September 19, 2008

Four hours later and I'm here

So last night was night 3 of working nights. I got off at 2:30, came home and went straight to bed, in ummmm Angry Toddler's bed. I know that I can better sleep when I don't have a bear, I mean my darling husband snoring in my ear..

So at 6ish something AM, I hear Angry Husband's alarm go off. Of course he hits the snooze button. Then I finally hear him get up. The man cannot be quiet. I hear him in the bathroom, then yanking his shirt off the hanger in the closet.

Then I hear it....oh nooo.. Angry Toddler is talking to him. This means, AT is up. When I was working dayshift, my mom and Angry Husband would tell me, ohh ya AT sleeps until 8:30ish. I worked nights last year and knew that was not the case with me. Sure enough, he proved himself right, he was up at 7am, wide awake.

Mommy of the Year has not grocery shopped this week. I hate the grocery store. AH mentioned the grocery issue to me last night. I ignored him. Then at about 1am, I realized, ugh, what am I going to feed Angry Toddler. So once again, Mommy of the Year, went and bought some donuts. I couldn't remember what he liked, so I bought 3 kinds.

Then I got these reponses. "I want sprinkles on it mama". Ok here is one with sprinkles. "No, I want chock-co-lot sprinkles". Umm, we don't have that. How about a chocolate donut (chocolate bar). "Ok" He then takes his finger, licks the chocolate and pushes it away. My mom says he eats this stuff for her all the time. Once again, obviously I got my fabulous parenting skills from her.

So here I am, with a total headache cause my lack of sleep. A kid who won't eat. And Noggin on 24/7. Seriously if I have to watch Max and Ruby one more time today...


  1. I hope he doesn't drive you crazy today. I hate when that happens. Can you leave him in the living room while he watches tv?

  2. Hopefully you will adjust to nights soon and will fall into more a pattern so you can rest better. I hope the rest of the day was managable for you!

  3. I am a fellow game-widow, as my friends and I call it. I hate those stupid online games! My husband just turned 40, and played incessantly until I declared war on gaming during a counseling session. Luckily, our counselor agreed with me that those games encourage addictive behavior and are NOT family-friendly! He agreed to an 18-month hiatus from gaming...I hope he sees the light & isn't just biding his time!

    I feel your pain!!


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