Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today was not so bad after all

After finally waking up from my morning coma, I decided that I COULD NOT stand watching Noggin for five hours until my mom came over. I put a plan into action. I would take Angry Toddler to the park. This is a feat in itself right now. We are still in the midst of the potty training and I don't like taking Angry Toddler in public, in unfamiliar places right now. I really don't want to clean up his accidents.

I ended up taking Angry Toddler to Angels Playground in Costa Mesa. It's the first ever playground in Costa Mesa to allow children with disabilities to play side by side with their peers. I thought AT would really like it. I forgot that my parents took him there last month, mommy brain, oops.

Well he played on the playground umm, literally 10 minutes. I was more excited than him. And then he spied the most fabulous thing in the world, a bounce house. There were some guys setting up one for a birthday party that was gonna happen later. Luckily they were really nice. They let AT play in it for 20 minutes. The kid hated bounce houses at 2 and now at age 3, they are the best thing ever.

After bouncing, Angry Toddler moved onto the trails surrounding the park. He had me climbing up dirt and rocks. His real mission was to chase the ducks though. Those poor ducks. I chased him around the park for over an hour. I even took some pictures with my Blackberry. If anyone knows me, I always have it with me. I even sent some pictures to Angry Husband. He was actually shocked that I took AT to the park without him.

Unfortunately, AT did not want to leave the park when it was time to leave. So I had to do the "grab him by the waist and put him under my armpit while kicking and screaming" walk to the car. Good times. He was ok once we got to the car though.

I'm going to have to figure out some early Saturday morning excursions for the next couple of months. I will have him all to myself on those days and won't be able to handle sitting in front of the TV for all that time.


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