Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wandered Away from my Blog

I wandered away from my blog and computer this week.

I usually blog alot while I'm at work. But I was actually busy. Crime is up, people! Plus my totally undiagnosed A.D.D. is out of control lately. I've been finding it very hard to concentrate. Believe me, I've read everyone else's blogs. Everyone's had fabulous posts. But seriously the lack of concentration has kept me from even commenting.

I've been also trying to break my weight loss plateau this week. And yes, I did indeed break it. It's taken alot of work aka Slim Fast, Muscle Milk, and my good ole' treadmill. I've been running like a crazy woman. Now that I feel a little bit better, I can come back to reality.

Unfortunately, my week was starting to get better and then....Angry Toddler started getting sick. We should be thankful, he has not been sick since Easter. Angry Husband is like, well we've been lucky, etc. He started with a running nose Tuesday night. Well last night, he came into our room at about 11pm and started barfing. Seriously, why does the kid come to our bed to puke?

Then AH realized that AT was wheezing. Puking kid is ok, wheezing not soo good. Wheezing leads to full-on bronchitis. Ugh! So I had to break out our medicine factory last night aka Tylenol, Motrin, and the damn Nebulizer. AH graciously moved AT to the couch in the front room. AH advised me that he had to work today and that he needed his sleep. Gee thanks! Angry Toddler watched damn cartoons till 5am, YES 5am. The steroids from the nebulizer get him all high and keep him awake.

Finally, I said this is enough. At about 5:15, I moved the kid into our bed and he finally fell asleep. I hope he sleeps for a couple of hours. I'm totally unprepared too. I have no breakfast stuff for the kid. He usually eats breakfast at pre-school. Plus, I need to get some 7-up and other sick goodies.

Then, I'm going to have to call the doctor. His doctor's office loves us thankfully, and will squeeze us in. He'll probably need some antibiotics.

Hopefully, Angry Husband will come home early, so I can get a workout in.


  1. I hope your day gets better. A kid on a nebulizier is NO FUN--been there!

  2. I hate when he's sick b/c I'm always scared I'm gonna find out you guys made a trip to the ER!!

    I hope he feels better today!!!

    And stop neglecting your pisses me off!! LMAO

  3. Kudos to you for workin' had to break the plateau.

    Kids sick is no bueno. That really sucks.

    Hopefully things get better! Man I wish I had the motivation to work out like you! I need to desperately but feel so Ugh...

  4. Ugh weight loss plateaus suck! Back when I lost a bunch of weight I was so frustrated because I hit one! I am so glad you moved past it!!

    Poor AT! I hope he didn't get bronchitis! I agree with a PP, nebulizing sucks!!


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