Friday, August 08, 2008

My mother the town gossip

So she calls me this morning from her house. She lives in a condominium complex here in Orange County. I refer to it as "The Trailer Park".

She is whispering on the phone to me. I'm like why are you whispering. Well she was talking about the neighbors. Umm, mom, you're windows are closed. They can't hear you.

Anyway, she called to gossip about her neighbors. They drive a Mercedes, and have a Bugaboo stroller for their one year old daughter. Well apparently, the neighbors went digging through the trash last night. My mom saw a kid's bike in the trash, and the bike showed up in the neighbors garage.

My mom is always calling me about shit like this. Seriously, she knows everything about everybody in her condo complex. Then, she was also telling me about another neighbor. I guess their son's house is going into foreclosure in Texas. The neighbors gave their son some money to get it out of foreclosure. Well my mom was whispering again, telling me that she was shocked that these "cheap asses" actually gave their son some money.

And I wonder where I get my gossip-y personality from?


  1. That's funny!

    I wonder what good ol' mom would say about me. I got my Hubby a push golf cart that was sitting out on the curb by the trash. It was like brand new and Hubby needed one and this was the the Deluxe model. WOOHOO!!

    Gotta Love Gossip :)

  2. OMG I love me some good gossip! My mom always seems to know what's going on with everyone in town!


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