Thursday, August 07, 2008

My quest for the holy grail pajamas

I am always on a quest for something. This past week my quest was for a pair of Nick and Nora PJ Pants
. I went to three different Targets looking for them.

I should have known better. I always see something I like at Target. The first time that I saw these pants, I went into Target while working. I couldn't try the pants on, obviously cause I was in my work uniform. It would have looked rather funny if I was in the dressing room in my police uniform trying on some owl pajama pants.

So in the next few days after my first sighting, I went to some local Targets near my house. They were completely sold out. I didn't know the pants would be soo popular.

So I text messaged a friend, Londie
. I asked her if she was going to Target anytime soon. I know to ask Londie, cause that woman shops as much as me. Well Londie went to her local Target to look for me. Unfortunately, they only had an extra large at her store. But she took a hilarious picture of her husband, Brandon, holding up the pants with her iphone.

P.S. Blogger is angry with me. My HTML keeps messing up, just an FYI!


  1. just order those shits!! :) hubby would be so sexy in those jammies, huh? LMAO!!!

  2. Those are some cute pajama pants. I will keep my eye out for them as well. I am always at Target.

    I noticed you mentioned that you EBAYed I just stopped EBAYing after about 6 years of it. I dislike the way it is now especially the feedback. I am happy-days-boutique over there.

  3. I should post an update.

    I finally gave up and bought the pj pants online at Tarjay dot com.

    YES, I'm an e-bayer. Ugh, Been working on auctions for the past 5 days.

  4. Thanks a lot Angry Julie. Now I need owl pants, too. Cuuute.


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