Sunday, November 11, 2007

Viva Las Vegas Part 2

After leaving Egypt, we returned to our hotel, and ate dinner at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. We had some delicious food and drinks. We ran upstairs and changed into our "clubbing clothes".

We then jumped on the monorail and ventured to the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Why? Because it's a big giant pyramid? NO! Because the Luxor, has one of the newest and hottest clubs in Las Vegas. Believe me, Angry Julie is not that hip and original to know these things. I saw this club via a recent episode of The Hills.

I thought, why not? Try and get into this club. Wow, my friends and I were way overdressed. I was wearing jeans, a short, and boots. I did not realize that the dress code was spandex black dress, 1 inch below my butt, with v-neck. I was also about ten years older than most of the other patrons.

I had put my name on a VIP list. But I realized that about 300 people had also done the same thing. We were all in a large group, shoving each other to the front of the line. The bouncers were individually picking people to go into the club. Lindsay and I pushed our way to the front of the line, it took us over an hour to finally get selected to go in. We paid our $20 cover charge (Ladies price), and walked up a dark flight of stairs. I then walked straight to the bar. I decided that I needed a drink after standing in line for so long. I ordered an Adios... Why? Because the drink was $13 and I wanted the drink with the most alcohol in it.

We then pushed our way to the front of the dance floor. We were right behind the line the separated the celebrities and the average peeps. The tunes were flowing, and we started dancing. I hadn't danced like that in a very long time.

As the night passed on, the crowd got deeper and pushier. What a rude crowd it was. Lindsay got yelled at because some girl said, Lindsay's purse was touching her butt. We were like sardines, how could we avoid that. At about midnight, the moment finally came, "Usher stood up and starting singing!!!". I just got better and better from there. The celebrities were flowing, one by one, followed by their Entourages.

According to Spy on Vegas dot Com, the following people were seen at LAX: USHER, Chris Tucker, Quincey Jones, Criss Angel, Grand Master Flash, Laura Prepon, Danny Masterson, BabyFace, Doug E Fresh, David Williams, and Todd Brunson.

I will have to say, I hadn't had fun like that in a very long time. I will do a 3rd installment of this series with the pictures taken at LAX.

Stay Tuned.....


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