Thursday, November 08, 2007

In Search of a Mermaid

I dropped the Angry Toddler off at preschool this morning. He was pissed, because Angry Husband usually takes him. The husband does not understand that you do not break the routine with a toddler. The toddler threw a fit and sat down in the parking lot of the school. I had to carry him into the school like an infant as he was screaming. Of course, as soon as we got to his classroom, he sat right down and played Legos.

I then hop into my vehicle and proceed to leave. As a good wife, I call the house, and speak with the Angry Husband. The husband is home sick, because he's got some cough, snot thing going on. I ask the husband if he wants any medications, concoctions, etc. The Angry Husband requests throat spray on some Vick's. As a good wife, I comply and drive over to the CVS drugstore.

The local CVS drugstore is situated between the local Starbucks and a grocery store. I get parking right up front, a few spaces away from Starbucks. As I park and get out, I get dirty looks from other people trying to park, in front of Starbucks. Like how could I park in front of the store, and not go in there. What is my deal? Can't I park somewhere else? Whatever.....

So I go into CVS, and get the meds for the husband. $12.00 worth, not too bad.

I then decide to go into the local Starbucks. Nothing that I'm a coffee drink, but I wanted one of their yogurt parfaits. I stand in the line of impatient people, and patiently pay for my yogurt. I get a strange look from the cashier when I only want to pay for my yogurt. I get the, "Why are you at Starbucks and not ordering coffee, you idiot" look. I usually order my Venti Passion Tazo Tea Unsweetened, but didn't feel like it today. So I pay my $3.45 for my yogurt and go on my way.

I walk past other angry Starbucks customers. I'm Angry Julie, but these people take the cake. So I walk to my car, as 5 other people are waiting for my spot. I try to back out, but everyone is trying to pull in at the same time. The people are in such a hurry to get their fancy drinks in their white paper cups.

I almost got into 2 separate car accidents trying to get out of that parking lot.

I made it home and sat down to eat my lovely parfait, which they changed their recipe and now it sucks!


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