Monday, November 05, 2007

Where I've Been...Viva Las Vegas!!

I took a little siesta this weekend and went to Las Vegas. I went to Vegas to visit some friends and other things. I couldn't get Friday off (thanks co-worker who took the night off, but came into work anyway), so I went Saturday and Sunday.

I flew from the airport here in Orange County to Las Vegas, NV. Of course, the flight had barely any people in it. I choose to sit next to a typical Orange County. Mr. Orange County proceeded to tell me that he works for the railroad, that he makes loads of money, and that he brought $12,000 cash with him to Vegas. Mr. Orange County did not care to see that I had my iPod on, and was in the process of reading three different magazines. I tried to ignore Mr. Orange County but he would not shut up!

After a very rough flight, we arrived in Las Vegas. Ahhh, I love the sound of slot machines when you enter the airport terminal. It's such a calming sound to me.

I did a few things in town and then I met up with my friend, Lindsay. Lindsay know each other from parenting forums, and have been chatting online for over a year. We started off the night by going outlet shopping.

I went to the Stride Rite outlet and bought Angry Toddler some shoes. And I know some might be offended, but I got him some light up tennis shoes. They have firetrucks on them with lights.

Lindsay and I agreed that the Angry Toddler would love jumping around in his new shoes. We shopped some more and decided that there was nothing else we would need. Shocking, I know!!! I just wasn't feeling the shopping!

We then ventured to Lindsay's Hotel Egypt. I met some of her Boutique Design Group friends. Lindsay is a customs designer on e-bay. I met some very nice girls. We then ventured back to my Hotel, to get ready for dinner.

I will continue the saga of my Vegas Trip in Part 2 later today...


  1. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing time..except for the plane ride that is...the shoes are totally cute...not offensive at all. I am sure the little one loves them...look forward to hearing part 2..

  2. I am beyond shocked you bought him those shoes!! Did the pressure of GR make you do that????



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