Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Selling on E-Bay

I've been selling on e-bay for about 5 years. I call it my online garage sale. I truly love e-bay. It's my homepage on my computer. I use it daily. I can find all kinds of things on that site.

Word has gotten around work that I peddle my goods on e-bay. I don't go around broadcasting, but people know.

I had a co-worker approach me the other day. He said, "so, I hear you sell on e-bay.". I told him yes, I did. He told me that his wife wanted to start selling on e-bay. He asked me how to sell. I giggled. I showed him one of my auctions. He was quite impressed. He wanted to know how "to do it", "sell stuff on e-bay", "ship", "paypal and the whole works". I was like, umm I could spend 10 hours explaining the whole process.

You never realize how much you know about a subject when you are trying to explain it to someone else. How you started at the beginning and worked your way up. How far you've come from the start.

I told one of my friends. I said co-worker asked me how to sell on e-bay. She just laughed. Because she knows, it's not that easy to do well on e-bay. It takes some work.

I guess I can say that this is one thing I'm pretty good at. So when people ask what I'm good at, I can say, e-baying.


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