Thursday, August 30, 2007

Margaritas at El Torito

I went out for margaritas with a friend last night. We went to the mall, of course, duh. Anyway, there's a new El Torito there. We thought we would try it, and then do some shopping for the kiddos after.

We ordered are margaritas. I like mine blended, she likes hers on the rocks. I compare mine to a slurpee of some sort. I'm such a kid sometimes. I got the blended strawberry margarita with salt on the sides of the glass. It took a little while for us to get chips and salsa, but eventually we realized that we were without the traditional Mexican restaurant appetizer.

Our service was superb, ok, almost obnoixous. Seriously, I swear 5 different people came by and asked us how everything was, cleaned our table, refilled chips, poured our drinks. I had barely put my fork down and they were taking away my plate. It was a bit overkill.

We ate way too much and then proceeded to go shopping. We have a sick obsession of buying clothing for our kids. Seriously, my child has more clothes than my husband and I put together. Yet, I keep buying...

We went to this new store called Crazy 8. It is owned by the Gymboree Company. I had a shopping list from several other moms too. I ended up spending about $300, all my child got was 2 shirts and 2 pairs of pants...

It was a much enjoyed night off for both mommies...I need to do that more often.

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  1. We do need to do this more often! I had fun, and my margarita helped dull the pain of the obnoxious service. Next time we need to go shopping for US!


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