Friday, October 09, 2009

Team Spirit, USC

usccollageToday on Kelly's Korner, we are discussing our teams. Around here in Southern California, we have The Los Angeles Lakers, The Los Angeles Clippers, The Los Angeles Kings, The Anaheim Ducks, The Los Angeles Dodgers, and The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. We do not have a local football team. But really, I'm not a sports fan type. We occasionally watch some Angels games, and my mom is a die hard Lakers fan.

So who do we cheer on? USC, University of Southern California, The Trojans. In Orange County, where I live, people are HUGE USC fans. It's one of those things, where there are alumna and non-alumna cheering them on. The school that I went to did not have a football team, so I have to be a fan of another school's team.

Every year we get Angry Toddler a new USC football jersey. He's had them since he was a few months old. Angry Toddler's BFF, Stella, is a huge fan too. Her daddy, Stacey's husband, actually went to USC. They are huge fans. Sometimes the USC thing can get a little obnoxious, but Angry Toddler sure loves his USC duds.

We never tailgate or anything like that. But if the game's on, we watch it if we are around. Stacey and I actually talked about taking the kids to a USC game this year. We are total slackers though, and the decent tickets are sold out. Maybe next year.

Newlywed's Next Door also did a post about USC, University of Southern California. She and her husband went there. She's a HUGE fan!


  1. So cute! I love the little kid USC gear!

    If you ever want to go to a game let me know, sometimes I know peeps with extra tix.

    Thansk for the link. I linked back :)

  2. Love the pictures. Super cute. I say USC all the way. And I'm from San Francisco. LOL

  3. Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest!

  4. hi what a great blog - love the pics of your family - I don't really see any angry ppl!!! I'm following now too!

  5. Stopping by from SITS! What a cute post about USC! Have a great week.

  6. Love the collage! Here we are all for the Buffalo Bills!

    PS Thank you for stopping by on my special day!

  7. thanks for stopping by. I also enjoyed reading your 101 things about you!

  8. Cute!! Gotta love that team spirit!


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