Monday, October 12, 2009

Cleaning the Carseat...1.5 Hours I'll Never Get Back

***Disclaimer: My friend, Lindsay, advised me that I need a disclaimer. This post is about my kid, and his umm puking in his carseat. Really, it's not that graphic. But she would have rather not read the post, right after eating dinner.***

Angry Husband took my car on Friday night to take Angry Toddler to my parent's house. He's been going to my parent's house, every Saturday night for the past month. Angry Husband and I both work on Sundays.

He mentioned something about going to Target. I think Angry Toddler was rambling something about getting a "kid's game" for the Nintendo DS. The DS is actually Angry Husband's but I think it's somehow been taken over by Angry Toddler.

About fifteen minutes after Angry Husband called me. He rambled, "he's puking everywhere, it's gross, ugh". Angry Toddler is known for his puking. Unfortunately. He was a reflux baby, and always had no gag reflux. I called my mom to warn her, and to have her prep by getting towels, and a bath ready.

About an hour later, Angry Husband arrived home. He had removed the carseat from my car and brought it into the garage. Seriously, the smell was AWFUL...I think every inch of that carseat was covered. I love the carseat, a Britax Regent, but seriously, there's like a million parts to it. Angry Husband said that it was flowing like lava out of the kid. Angry Husband also said, that Angry Toddler was coughing and said that he had a fly in his throat, aka phlegm. I wrapped baby wipes around my hands as make-shift gloves, to take it apart. It took me over an hour to dissect it all. I was making gagging motions during this, seriously, it was that bad.

I finally got all the "washable" parts into the machine. I realized that the body of the car seat was still covered in ick. Good times. Seriously, one point five hours later, I was finally done cleaning the carseat. Angry Husband was laughing at me. He knew how long it would to take the cover off the seat. He also knew that I had never taken it apart before.

Last night, I sat down to put it back together. I had pieces everywhere on the floor of the garage. I was on the phone while assembling the carseat, of course. I'm a master multi-tasker. Or maybe, it's the ADHD. But then again, it took me another one point five hours to put it back together.

P.S. This post was sponsored by me, my Britax Snobbery, and my unwillingness to clean up kid vomit.


  1. First, there should have been a disclaimer that says do not read this right after you eat dinner.

    Second, what good CSI doesn't have rubber gloves in her car?

    Third, is Caden okay?

    Forth, gross.

    Fifth, glad you got through it!

  2. How disgusting is toddler vomit, right?!

    Last night, Nugget puked all over Husfriend, luckily for us, we were on our way out of my parent's house to trek back home, so the fact that Husfriend's shirt was soaking wet from my mother ragging him down over the kitchen sink, wasn't an issue. We're also glad Nugget fell asleep before we even pulled out of their neighborhood and is pretty good about not upchucking in his sleep. He's generally not a pukey kid, but last night he was 2-0.

    When he did puke all over his car seat this one time, I was happy I am cheapish and had gotten him a Graco seat. It was the easiest thing in the world to take apart. I didn't, however, pay attention to what I was taking from where and ended up spending close to an hour reassembling after the cover came out of the dryer.

    THAT, is my two (hundred) cents on puking children and carseats.

  3. Just for Lindsay, I added an disclaimer. I should have called it "The Lindsay Disclaimer". And yes, you would think I would have gloves in my car, not so much. I think I used them for something and never re-stocked. I actually meant to bring a box home tonight and forgot again. It was a total CSI girl, glove FAIL!

  4. Wouldn't this be good birth control? They should post this in high school. For real. We have two toddlers and 2 enormous Britax Marathons. My 8 year old just graduated from his booster. I'm so over cleaning these freaking seats!

  5. Do you remember the time we drove to Tamara's house and Stella Puked in the marathon. We had to pull over on the side of the friggin 15 freeway in BFE (sorry tamara) and then sponge bathe my kid when we got to someones house we had never met before. Then I put a damn trashbag in the car seat to drive back home in. Ya, the joys of mommyhood!

  6. Yuck. I have had to clean toddler vomit out of a car seat before. It is not fun. It is gross. It is disgusting.

    While I realize that car seats need all those parts to be safe, do they ever think about the parents that have to take those things apart to clean them?

    Stopping in from SITS. You are not the only late nighter.

  7. Poor AT. I kinda love that AH called to inform you of the puking. Like you could have done anything over the phone to stop it!!!

  8. Oh that is pretty nasty! Thankfully between 3 kids we have never had one barf all over the carseat! *knocking on wood* We've had to clean up for pee accidents though, much easier and a lot less chunky, lol


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