Thursday, September 24, 2009

You, Too, Can be a Parenting Trainwreck for Halloween

In the past year, I've seen way too much media coverage on ordinary families whom just happen to have multiples through fertility treatments. One family has their own TV show and the other has been all over the news.

While running with my friend, Pesha, yesterday she mentioned her Halloween costume. I almost lost it, when she told me that she ordered a "Kate" wig. I thought it was a perfect costume for Pesha. She said that she was going to be Kate Gosselin for Halloween and that her husband was going to be, Jon Gosselin. She said that she ordered the wig online and that it had already shipped. We then went onto discuss what Kate, I mean Pesha would wear.

After thinking about it today. I wondered, how many people would dress up this year as Jon and Kate or the Octo-Mom? Well, of course I went looking online for costumes. I should have known better, because it seems like every online Halloween site has costumes or wigs dedicated to Jon and Kate and/or the Octo-Mom.

The "Kate"

The "Jon"
The "Gosselins"
The "Octo-Mom"...look at the convenient sling...
I can't wait to see Pesha's pictures. She better take pictures.

Now what shall I be for Halloween? I saw some costumes while out with my BFF, Stacey, today. But really that's a whole other post.

But really isn't it Halloween every day for these families?

Oh, and these costumes can and were found at Buy Costumes.


  1. Those are great costumes!!! I really want to be Hannah Montana but they only make Hannah wigs for kids. Is it wierd that I am 30 and I want to be Hannah Montana? I told Dave he can be Billy Ray. Yeah...there is something wrong with us.

  2. Ohhh I love these! So freakin' funny. I never know what to be and then get all envious over funny or trendy or sexy outfits I see at halloween parties.

  3. That is funny...weird and makes me question the judgement of a BUNCH of people but still..funny.

  4. Don't even get me started...I have no idea what to be for Halloween:( Let me know when you figure it out...

  5. I could make a whole blog on my thoughts about some of these families....but I won't. I was just reading in People magazine this morning about the Kate wig and how was a hot seller for Halloween this year. Your friend should wear a mini skirt and heeled sandals for her "kate". I think I am going to be a very prego (I'm due a couple weeks after Halloween) nun-that should be offensive enough right?

  6. The Jon wig!! I haven't seen that one yet! Hilarious!

  7. That is way funny! I love the JON wig and the Ed Hardy Tee. Hahaha That is a good costume

  8. My boyfriend and I are dressing as J&K! I have my wig already. Love it!


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