Thursday, September 24, 2009

Workout Wednesday

On Tuesday night, I was on Twitter, as usual. I saw a tweet from Alison Sweeney, you know that Alison Sweeney from The Biggest Loser and Days of Our Lives. She was tweeting about inspiring everyone to work out on Wednesday and to post our stories on whrrl. I was already planning on running Wednesday morning, so I took my iPhone along with me.

I went with my friend, Pesha, and we ran on the San Clemente Beach Trail, our usual route. I like the beach trail because there are no traffic signals to wait for, we know the distance of the run, and well the view while we are running is pretty great. I stopped throughout my run and took random pictures to compile for my story. Once we were done running our four miles, I sat in the car and worked on my story. It took less than ten minutes.

More stories at San Clemente Beach Trail
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I also added myself to Alison Sweeney's main story about Workout Wednesday. It's amazing. People all over added their pictures, and their stories of working out. She posted that this is going to happen every Wednesday to inspire people.

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  1. I love the idea of a workout wednesday! :) I follow her as well. Nice job and I love san clem! They have a lot of good running trails around there.


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