Friday, September 11, 2009

Emily Post Inspired by Twitter

I've been wanting to post about this for awhile now. Sarah inspired me today via Twitter. She posted this:

I call Emily Post's Etiquette by Peggy Post, the blue book. It is wrapped in a beautiful blue cover with a simple design on the front. I love this book and refer to it often. I have the 16th Edition, but now there is a 17th Edition .

I have also been known to give it as a gift. It makes an awesome bridal shower gift. Seriously. It's the right price point and will be used throughout a marriage.

Here are some of the topics covered in it:

  • Correspondence-the appearance of personal letters (how to address them, when to send them, who to send them to).
  • Job Interviews-questions and interviewer might ask you, your attire, meeting and greeting.
  • Everyday Manners-going through doors, umbrellas, and chewing gum.
  • The New Baby-baby showers, thank-yous, gifts, and religious ceremonies.
  • Gifts for Special Occasions-anniversaries, business gifts, clients, and teachers.
But do you really want to know the main reason I give it as a bridal shower gift? A few years ago, some friends were getting married. They announced their engagement and we got an invitation to the engagement party. What disturbed me was the paperwork inside the invitation. There was more than one card stuck in there, with their bridal registry on it. I gasped. I called my friends. We discussed. You never enclose bridal registry information into an engagement party invite. Technically, per proper etiquette you are not supposed to include registry information in any type of wedding invitation.

So what did I bring to that engagement party? A card.

I've had some other issues with greedy friends and family, hence the gift idea. I always give Emily Post when I have no clue what to give the person, and/or the person needs deserves it.

Seriously, a great reference! You need it!


  1. I LOVE Emily Post. My sorority taught me a lot.....the old school rules.....but I can always learn. Great gift idea.

  2. Ah! I love Emily Post! I have an older edition of the blue book [what I call it as well] that I was given when I started high school. My grandfather thought every woman should own a copy before she had a social calendar [apparently 9th grade = social calendar].

    I have been meaning to get a newer copy, but I love mine so much...especially now that my grandfather has passed.

    I also give it as gifts. Especially to my less tactful friends and acquaintances.

  3. I love Emily post to death. I swear the manners these days are in the toilet. Don't get me started on RSVP's or the lack of. Even E vites!! Come on people! My neighbor's kid emailed me a thank you for a money grad gift. At the end of the email it said "See you some time this summer". We live across the street. Hello. Hate the registry begging!!!

  4. I probably should get this to have for reference. I seem to get weird etiquette questions all the time, so having this as backup would be great!

    Btw, what would Emily or Peggy have to say about you in that self portrait?! HA!

  5. And your post has inspired me to get an updated version, as I have the 1945 edition that includes military and post-war etiquette.

  6. Oh my gosh! I can't believe that -- I thought everyone knew not to include their registries in the invites -- it's like asking for presents! :) (I don't even have the Emily Post book, but it sounds like something the world needs...)

  7. And now if you ever give me that book I will know I've highly offended you! : )

  8. I could not agree more about the registry thing. I did not ever include that in my wedding invitation. I added and extra card with my wedding website on it. That site had all the travel details and registry info. I think our friends and family are smart enough to figure that out. I spefically remember telling Dave we were not going to put the registry info in with the invitations because it is tacky.

  9. I may be a total slacker in most of my life, but I do send thank you notes, I don't wear white after Labor Day, I don't type posts in all caps..and I love my bloggers.

    I'm glad someone agrees with me.

    Seriously a great gift, and laughing Suzanne, I won't be sending you the book. But I know SEVERAL people who need a copy of it.

  10. Yes! Thank you for speaking out on the registry cards in an invite. Thank you! Even better, I got an invite once that had PRINTED ON THE INVITATION that there was to be a "money tree" and that cash would be welcome. ON THE INVITE. Like I can't figure out why all those bills are pinned to a tree at the reception? Great gift idea!

  11. Great Post!! (see what I did?)
    I don't have this and have never read it and have to get it now. I hope I haven't been too dreadful all these years.
    More posts like this please!

  12. that pic is cracking me up. ive seen this book a few times at the bookstore and have thought about buying it just for reference. i really needed that more around the time all my friends were getting married.

  13. I have this essential of the bookshelf myself. My sister called me about a billion times when planning her wedding to figure out what she could and couldnt' do. I would have sent it to her but I have two daughters and a son. Me thinks I'll need it!


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