Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Check Their Pockets

I do all the laundry in my house. I have laundry OCD. Well really, I have a whole system for it. I separate clothing by color, and then the towels also get their own cycle. I also use the cold water soap. When Angry Husband does laundry, he shoves the entire washer full. Well we all know what happens. It doesn't cycle properly and the stains stay.

While prepping for laundry procedures, I check pockets. I washed Angry Husband's iPod a few months ago because I got careless and didn't check.

When going through pockets I've found cash, pens, Lego figures, home theater parts, wire, tools, notecards, chapstick...ok maybe some of those things were left by me. But you get my point.

After I picked up Angry Toddler from school, he was digging in his pocket. He wanted to show me something. He pulled out a very small tomato, some green beans, and some snap peas. They have a garden at school. Angry Toddler likes to point out what they are growing. I would have never thought to check his pockets for vegetables.

So be sure and check the pockets before doing laundry. You might just find the ingredients for a salad.

What strange things have you found in your laundry bin? Or family member's pockets?


  1. I love the veggies in his pocket. Hilarious. I find it all, too, and I've washed an Ipod. :)

  2. I just washed my husband's Ipod too. We're you able to revive yours? I think ours is toast!!

  3. My husband works construction so I get a lot of rocks, chunks of concrete, giant drill bits, washers, bolts, and a thousand ninety of those little packages of green foamy ear plugs. I also have a four year-old son and seven year-old daughter so I get a lot of army men and beads. I also find a lot of crap in the laundry basket itself. Littlest Pet Shops, Barbie shoes, and I think I've washed Barbie's entire wardrobe this month. Those little velcro tabs stick to everything!

  4. I washed (and dried) a box of raisens last week-yummy! And BTW, I am "that parent" at least once a day-is that bad?

  5. LOL, I find Legos in the dryer on a routine basis (I fail to check the pockets every time). A couple weeks ago I found a random, unfamiliar Obi Wan action figure and another action figure of unknown origin. I almost took a picture.

    My son disavowed any knowledge of them. For all I know, they climbed in on their own from a neighbor kid's house. And pigs might fly. Or end up in my dryer.

  6. I do the laundry in these parts...occasionally, I find money. Yes, I keep it;)

  7. I, too, am a laundry COMMANDO! I sort EVERYTHING! And then everything gets sorted again by gentle, cold water rinse, warm water rinse, etc. I have found a whole host of things in my laundry. I think my most UNFAVORITE laundry surprise was finding a brand new YELLOW wash cloth throw in with my whites...a load of whites that had my favorite, perfect fitting white polo. Well, it WAS a white it is a butter yellow polo. :( On the flip side, I often find money in the laundry. Maybe one day I'll have enough to go buy myself a new favorite hugs-me-just-the-right-way white polo. :)

  8. Veggies!! Caden is so funny. Mike's work clothes pocket findings sound just like Todd's except with a/c parts! Julie, you and your laundry OCD crack me up...only because I have it too. Some people just don't understand but I get highly irritated if anyone but me does my laundry.

  9. LOL! The kids at my school love to bring their parents "gifts" of crayons, paper, grass, mulch... I love when the kids have no pockets ;)


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