Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BBQ at Home with a Restaurant Feeling

We eat out a lot in the Angry Household. It's a really bad habit, I know..We are trying to break that though. Ok, maybe a little. But when we are home, we eat a lot of hot dogs. Angry Husband has quite the obsession with hot dogs. I really don't eat them, because they make my stomach do bad things.

But a few months ago, I stumbled across some cool things at Sur La Table. Angry Husband loves that store. I got these baskets and liners for sandwiches and BBQ'ed food. It gives that restaurant feel to our food. They are also very easy for clean up. Angry Toddler was confused at first, because he usually sees them at restaurants. They are pretty inexpensive, plus you could make the liners with wax paper.

I just like having fun things like this at home. It's perfect when you eat out on the backyard patio.

Photo from Sur La Table website.


  1. those baskets are so cute! i love them. when i saw them online i wanted them right away! the matching papers just make them even cuter.

  2. Enabler. You made me buy them too. But on the good side of things, I can get my daughter to eat anything when they are in the baskets :)

  3. dude.. that food looks DELISH!!!!!!!! the fries look amazing and are those little sliders?!?!?! it LOOKS like restaurant FOOD, not just restaurant flare! ha :)

  4. My mom got some of those off eBay recently and gave hubby and I a couple! You can buy at any commercial restaurant supply store.

  5. That's so cool! I absolutely love it. What a cool store!

  6. You are so cool! I want those. Do you actually have to wash the baskets or just change the paper?... LOL!


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