Monday, August 10, 2009

Project Playhouse

Every year they set-up "Project Playhouse" at Fashion Island. Before we even had Angry Toddler we would go and check out the playhouses. Each year builders and designers come up with new and different ideas for these playhouses. They are out for display for six weeks and then they are auctioned off.

This year Project Playhouse is at the Irvine Spectrum, just north of Nordstrom. It opened up last weekend and will be there until September 12th.

Per their website:

"Project Playhouse debuted in 1992 and has become HomeAid Orange County's signature fundraiser. In 18 years, the event has raised more than $5 million to help the organization fulfill its mission to build and maintain dignified housing where homeless families and individuals can rebuild their lives."

Angry Toddler was being crazy on Saturday afternoon so I suggested to my mom that we take him over to Project Playhouse. It's a $5 fee to enter the playhouse area, but it's for charity. Angry Toddler loved all the playhouses and wanted to go in and play.

I would love for Angry Toddler to have a playhouse like these. Unfortunately, we have nowhere to even put one. Our backyard is tiny. In reality, my house is only a tad larger than these playhouses. We also bought some raffle tickets to win one of the houses. I have no idea where we would put the house if we "win" it. I told my mom she would have to buy a new house just to accommodate the playhouse.

But seriously, I think this is a great idea and I loved touring all the playhouses. There are such great unique ideas. I wish I would have had something like this to play in when I was little.

An Overall View of The Playhouses

Interior Views of the Playhouses

I've added more photos of the Playhouses to my Flickr account. Check them out here!


  1. As incredible as these are...I still think the one my dad built me out of plywood with nothing in it but my imagination and a couple shelves was better for childhood development. These are like mini-homes, not places for children to be innovative and imaginative.

  2. I love project playhouse! I always love looking at them at fashion island, thanks for letting me know it switched places. :)

  3. Oh wow! These playhouses are AWESOME!! I'm jealous! Those playhouses are nicer than my place! Ha! I wish I lived near there to go see them.

  4. Oh my gosh these are amazing! I quickly spotted the one with an anchor on the door ;)

  5. OMGGGGGGGGG! I have to go and see!!! Amazing!

  6. I saw them setting this up at the Spectrum and wondered if it was Project Playhouse. Have to go check it out. Nice collages--PICNIK RULES!

  7. your post is way better than mine. i should have just been patient, and actually waited for you to post. instead, i got jumpy and had to do my own. i have add like that!

    xoxo, K

  8. That is a really cool idea! I hope they raise a bunch of money for their charity this year. :o)

  9. Oh Julie how precious! I just got some good ideas for my kitchen in those playhouses. How fun.

  10. Thank you Angry Julie for posting all of the pictures and great comments about HomeAid's Project Playhouse. It makes me proud being the Director of Development for HomeAid that people take such interest in our cause of building dignified housing where homeless families and individuals can rebuild their lives.

  11. FYI
    I bought some tickets for the raffle house and if we win we are moving in.

  12. oh my gosh! I am so glad you posted about girls are gonna love that! How fun...




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