Friday, August 07, 2009

Burger King = Epic Fail

I've never been a big fan of Burger King's food. I think it's garbage. Angry Husband was a big fan when I met him. Really, it was the only fast food restaurant that they had at the Marine base that he was stationed at. He ate there A LOT.

I just happened to catch this article on one of my parenting forums about a mom and her six month old baby. Apparently the baby's toes caused a "health hazard". The woman was asked to put shoes on her baby. She was there with a church group. Umm yea, Angry Toddler would not and did not wear shoes at that age. He would barely keep on socks. That is ridiculous.

Can we get some common sense? Oh yea, I guess they don't teach that anymore? Did they ever teach it?

I was telling my husband about this at the dinner table. Well actually, I was sitting on Twitter while he was painting his models. He asked me if I heard about the one-armed man and Burger King? I said, WHAT?

So of course, I had to do some online searching...

In June, a man went into a Florida Burger King and ordered a Whopper. He asked the employee if they could cut the burger in half. The employee got the manager involved. They told him that they could not cut the burger. The man (customer) only has ONE ARM.

Here is the article.

I understand that its fast food and they follow certain standards. But asking a mother of an infant to put shoes on her child and a simple request from a handicapped man? SERIOUSLY~

I'm glad that I loathe Burger King. We stopped eating there years ago when Angry Husband got pretty sick from eating something there. He vowed to never eat there again.


  1. That's so lame.

    I'm always asking for my burger to be cut in half (I don't always eat the entire thing) & I've never had a fast food joint have a problem with it. Poor handicapped dude.

  2. I can't stand businesses who do lame stuff like this. You're totally right about common sense and a lack thereof!

  3. I saw that article and thought it was ridiculous.

    It is a baby for heaven's sake.

    Good thing I also hate BK already.

  4. Oh my gosh, those stories are ridiculous!

  5. Not much of a fast food person here. I don't know where I'd find a BK in Chi.

    That said, both those stories are CRAZY:P

  6. These stories are crazy. I heard the one about the baby on the news the other day. Can't believe the one about the one armed guy. So sad!

    Hey did you get my e-mail? Silly me I lost your address. I will be ready to send the swap package by the end of the week. Please send me an e-mail Thanks Julie!

  7. Both stories are just crazy...I'm just strating to hate fast food in general. We had McDonalds last night at #2's request for her slumber party and it was cold and nasty. I know it's supposed to be "fast" but that doesn't mean they can screw it up....

  8. OMGosh!! I know for a fact that In-N-Out will cut your burger in half!!

  9. Yeah Burger King is pretty much the nastiest food on the planet. If you want indigestion and stomach cramps, go to Burger King.

  10. I posted about that on the forum. No common sense whatsoever! I hope there are repercussions now that it hit the news.

  11. I was confused about the baby and no shoes thing too. Neither kiddo wore shoes very often at 6 months, Robeez were the only things that would stay on and Bram's feet got too fat. Am I dirty because of this fact? Weird and complete bullshit.
    I never heard a thing about the one arm deal. Who is traing the BK employees? Hitler?

  12. i work at burger king and not all of them do that we do cut burgers in half and we would not tell a mother to shoes on her infant child. those burger kings that those people visited really need to change their staff.


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