Friday, July 10, 2009

Blog was Down, but now Back Up!

My blog was down for a little over twenty-six hours. I have pretty much been freaking out for at least twenty of those twenty-six hours.

I could log into my Blogger Dashboard and type posts, edit posts, and see my reader. But I could not change my layout or see my actual blog. Every time someone would view the blog, they would get an error code from Blogger. I thought it was my domain host, it was not.

The only way to get it fixed was to post on the Blogger Help Boards. I think I posted at least ten times. There were several other people having the same issue. There is no other way to get things fixed with Blogger. No person to e-mail. No phone number to call.

Having this happen has put some thoughts in my head. I've been thinking about changing to Wordpress for awhile now. This incident might facilitate me to make the change. I had this discussion with another person using Blogger last week. If we make the change to WP, would our followers come on over. It is very easy to follow "Blogger Blogs" right now. All you have to do is click "Follow Blog" at the top of the page.

I just don't know if I want to make the switch, quite yet.

But seriously happy right now, cause the blog is back up!! I can be a functioning human again. Not someone is staring at the computer, and keeps hitting "refresh".


  1. I was wondering where you went! I am able to follow wordpress and typepad from my blogger dashboard, so it wouldn't affect me. I hear it's the way to go.....I just don't want to re-learn everything, as I could barely type when I started this whole thing!

  2. yay, glad you're back up again!

  3. Seriously, Blogger's nonexistent help department is so frustrating, annoying, and stupid. They should really invest in some human help. But, glad I decided to find you on this day instead of yesterday, then:)

  4. I thought that it was my computer messing up...I've thought about awitching to Wordpress too but I think I am toooo lazy!

  5. there are several people who cannot access my blog. or if they do they get an error... bugs me! I guess I should get on the message board and try to figure it out!?? Thanks for sharing your experience! If you changed to wp I would still come visit! :)

  6. I'm currently in the same boat. It just kind of freaks me out that there is not a live human that can help when things go down. I wish they had a premium type of service- maybe pay a bit- a couple of dollars a month but have access to a help desk. I'm glad you are up and running!


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