Friday, June 12, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday-Bathrooms

I've been participating on this blog carnival for the past few weeks, showing off my house. This carnival is sponsored by Kelly from Kelly's Korner.

This week's feature is bathrooms. The bathrooms are two of the worst and least decorated rooms in our house. We need to get the flooring done in them, so we are totally behind the decorating. I also want to let everyone know that it is EXTREMELY hard to photograph bathrooms, and even worse, small bathrooms. I've learned this in my professional experiences at work, trust me.

So let's get this tour started with the Master Bathroom:

This is the view from the master bedroom. See how tiny our sink and dressing area is. Yep, one sink. The cabinets are our linen closet. We also have our cable receiver and blu-ray player inside the cabinet.

Our sink and counter area. The medicine cabinet is from Pottery Barn. I got it on clearance. I hate in the wall metal medicine cabinets. This is one of the first things we did to the master bathroom was remove the metal in-wall medicine cabinet. The cabinet is original but we added the granite counter, the sink, and the new faucets.

Our tiny shower and toilet area. Blah, paint on these walls, just white primer.

This is the Guest Bathroom, or better known as Angry Toddler's Bathroom:

The shower curtain is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The granite counter was new to the bathroom after we moved in. The cabinets are original to the house. We even re-did the window above the shower. The floors are awful, vinyl.

Close-up of the sink area.

Medicine cabinet is from Lowe's. Umm, yea the light. Isn't that wonderful. Angry Husband was trying to change the light bulb and broke the fixture. We haven't found a replacement yet. But really, we haven't looked for the replacement.

Our house is 1100 square foot. Tiny house = tiny bathrooms. Thanks for checking out our two bathrooms, which need a total makeover. I'm at a loss for ideas.

Oh, and I'm hosting a giveaway for a $25 Gift Certificate to Ecostore for "Green" Cleaning Products. Check out this post for more details. The contest ends on Monday, June 15th at 12pm PST.


  1. I see people in the midwest and other parts of American and I'm like DANG how'd you get that house and DANG those are huge rooms and DANG those bathrooms are huge. Then I remember we have the ocean. :) I have an even tinier bathroom, but I can see the sand. :)

  2. I actually love your bathrooms. Our bathrooms are really bad. My house is very old so the tub in my sons room is the really really old fashioned kind that can't keep the water warm. The toilet in my is so high that my feet dangle and I'm 5'4. So I think yours are lovely and would definitely love them in my house.

  3. Cute bathrooms! The shower curtain matches you blog! Chic Runner's comment cracked me.

  4. I agree about the view of the sand. Seeing those pictures inspires me to get something done in those rooms. Maybe I can get a summer makeover done, or something.

  5. I'm so diggin the bathrooms and with the Pottery Barn touches!
    Very nice. Anthropologie has been having so awesome sales in store..pillows that were $100+ down to like $19 or $15 bucks. Yeppers!!
    Love the blog...I will be following this good read :-)


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