Saturday, June 13, 2009

June Gloom

We've had serious June Gloom here in Southern California. It started out in late May and has continued. It slightly rained here several times last week.

I keep seeing everyone post about warm weather, going to the pool, and eating popsicles. I actually wore a jacket into work today.

I'm also gloomy because I'm working swing shift right now, 4pm-2am. I haven't working this shift during the summer since 2006.

While everyone else is having fun, BBQing, and spending time with their families on the weekend, I'm at work. I have Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays off. On Tuesdays, Angry Toddler has The Little Gym, and on Thursdays, I had run club. My run club is out of service for the next few months. I should get a little break until early fall.

I bought Angry Toddler a baseball and a mit last week from Target. We've been taking a sports class through the city for the past month. He still doesn't quite get the throw and catch thing, but we are working on it.

I also got Angry Toddler a new big-boy bicycle. I bought it used from Marisa, whom I met through Twitter actually. Angry Husband's best friend, Eric, was trying to teach Angry Toddler how to ride a 2-wheeler last week. Angry Toddler is doing pretty good. He knows how to use the brakes now. We aren't quite ready to take off the training wheels though.

I went to a Tweet-Up last week at a local restaurant. We talked about our websites, blogs, and Twitter. I met some cool new people. I also learned about TweetChat, as I was complaining about TweetDeck. I go to these meet-ups because I do genuinely like people. Some people in my "normal" life do not get the whole blogging, Twitter thing. Even my own mother is confused by it, but really she can't even check her own e-mail.

Yesterday, Angry Toddler and I started getting a cold. I think it's something to do with the weather and possibly that Angry Husband has had the dogs inside the house all week. My allergies are driving me crazy. Angry Toddler was up all night coughing last night.

Today, I got up extra early and ran the Magic Shoe 5K run. I trained for this run with my favorite people from lululemon's run club. I will have that race report, tomorrow, or the next day.

Maybe, we can get some sunshine here in So. Cal tomorrow. Angry Husband has some things to do all day, so it's just Angry Toddler and me.


  1. I'm sorry its gloomy where you are. Gloomy weather becomes draining. Hope you get some beautiful, warm sunshine soon! I totally feel ya on the work schedule....ugh.

  2. So glad that he likes the bike! He'll be off those training wheels before you know it...

  3. I'm so tired of June Gloom too! Hopefully we're almost done with it?

  4. Count me in on the tired of the June Gloom bandwagon. Uggh my love/hate relationship with June Gloom is quickly turning into hate.I need sunshine!!

  5. Cute blog, just stumbled upon it from Chic Runner. Hope you and Angry Jr get to feeling better soon. BTW we had that same craptastic weather here in Florida about a week ago. I was so glad to see it go!

  6. YUCK! Cali is supposed to perfect weather all the time... right? Its already up to 100 degrees in OK!!

    A lot of people dont get the bloggy twitter world.. A LOT

  7. June Gloom gets me down, too! GLad it's starting to turn around.

  8. Dropping by from the link a thon to say hi. I'm down in San Diego and I'm sick of the gloom too. We had a few beautiful days and then it shifted back to the gloom thing.

    Sorry about your work schedule, I hope it changes soon.



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