Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Tarantula Cake

Last Saturday, Angry Toddler and I went to a birthday party for my friend's son. He was turning 5. He's really into spiders all the rest of those yucky things that boys like. She asked my advice on where to have her son's birthday. I suggested Prehistoric Pets in Fountain Valley.

We arrived at the party and Angry Toddler went crazy. He's been there before, but I guess it's been awhile. He was looking at everything and also touching everything. Thankfully they had lots of hand sanitizer all around the store. After being at the store a few minutes, I realized that there was a lovely smell in the air there. Ruth's friend categorized it as "lizard pee".

Well Ruth did not disappoint as usual for the cake. She usually goes all out and the theme of the party and the cake. This time she had a cake made showing a tarantula in an aquarium. It looked so real. I even took a picture of the cake with my Blackberry and sent it to Angry Husband. Angry Husband responded with something like, "cool". I texted again, "Umm that is the CAKE". He was completely shocked. He thought it was a real tarantula.

We had a great show from one of the employees at Prehistoric Pets. She brought out all kinds of creatures and let the kids touch them. Angry Toddler loved it all. He was not scared at anything.

But really, let's get back to the cake. It was a cake surrounded by plexiglass. The sides of the "aquarium" were held together with fondant. The cake was white cake with fresh strawberries inside. The tarantula on top was made out of cake and fondant. There were also little bugs on top of the cake made with fondant.

Another photo of the cake before it was taken apart.
Removing the plexiglass surround from the cake.
After removing the plexiglass.
The tarantula. Yes, it's actually cake. And yes, it's creepy.
Angry Toddler munching on some fondant leaves.
And as you know, this is Southern California. How much did this cake cost? I know I was going to have that question asked in my comments...$300. I had to ask my friend. My husband asked if the cake came with a blow-job. My friend replied, "No", but her husband did bargain the price down from $400.


  1. LOL! You mentioned your husbands comments! haha
    Did someone eat the Tarantula?

  2. I can't go to Prehistoric Pets...even the thought of the place makes me apoplectic. But that was dang funny about the cake! I think I may have snickered something similar to what Angry Husband asked!

  3. Your husband's comment is SO something Adam would say. I swear he talks about blow jobs more than a 14 year old boy!

    That cake is freaking amazing, what a great idea. I wonder how difficult that would be to replicate.....

    And Angry Tot holding that tarantula, ugh! We went to a bug party last week and Bram LOVED it! Held all kinds of spiders and stuff. No way.

    Thanks for the diaper advice, I am trying that tonight.

  4. I have a funny story about Prehistoric Pets that I just remembered. We have been there a few times with the kids.

    That cake WOW, what a AWESOME cake. I don't think I could shell out that kind of money for a cake though unless I was farting out $100 dollar bills. Kudos to Ruth, I am sure that is something her son and all the kids will surly never forget. That decorator did a awesome job at the little details. That tarantula did look real.

    Funny your Hubby asked if it came with a Blow Job, that is totally something Hubby would have said too. MEN SHEESH!

  5. Okay, your husband's question was hilarious!

    I'm not a very squeamish person. Unless spiders are involved. Ick. But I still think it's cool what people come up with for cakes.

  6. That cake is amazing! The price is, too!

  7. That cake is awesome. I can't believe it's soexpensive but it is awesome. Your husband's comment cracked me up. That's exactly what mine would have said.

  8. What an amazing cake! The price is just crazy though, I can't imagine! I wish we had some place like Prehistoric Pets around here, my son would love it.

  9. I think it was worth every penny.

    You should have told husband "yes it did come with a blow job! How did you know?"

    Then tell him you were ordering one for Angry toddler on his birthday from a new male chef at the bakery.


  10. Emily LOVES that place. We used to go there every weekend when she was about 5.
    That cake is gross/cute/genius. As every five-year-olds cake should be.

  11. That is an awesome cake! She should send that in for Sunday Sweets at Cake Wrecks.

  12. That is one fabulous yet creepy cake!!

  13. That is the craziest cake I've ever seen! Insane!

  14. That is the most badass cake that I've ever seen in my life. AWESOME.

  15. Thanks for the comments everyone. This cake was so spectacular, I had to share it with all my people. Angry Toddler was even talking about it today...he's like remember the cake, the spider was soo cool.

  16. Did it come with a BJ? I would have asked that too!


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