Friday, May 08, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday: Living Rooms

Kelly from Kelly's Korner has started a new series every Friday. It's called "Show Us Where You Live Friday". I forgot to participate last week. But I thought I would join in on the fun this week! I love getting a little peak inside everyone's homes.

I would call this my living room/family room. We live in California in an 1100 sq. foot house. We have to really utilize all our space here. This photo was taken over a year ago. It's looks almost the same with a few changes.

Our couches were custom made for our previous house. We had a huge great room. We had to get an enormous couch to fill the space. Unfortunately the couch was way too big when we moved here, so we had a portion of the couch cut down. You can do that when your couch is custom made. The chair was made to match the couch.

The rug is a sisal rug from Pottery Barn. My husband hated this rug. He did not like the way it felt on his bare feet. WE have since replaced it with a plain cream shag rug from Lowe's. The cream shag run is also damaged, and needs to be replaced. We still haven't found the perfect rug.

The large picture above the couch is from the Orange County Marketplace. It's a pair. I think we got both pictures for under $200. The cabinets on the side of the fireplace were custom made and were also from the Orange County Marketplace. The cabinet maker is no longer at the Marketplace. I've been looking all over for them because I need a new coffee table to match the cabinets.

The television is a Fujitsu Plasma 42". It was hung by Angry Hsuband. That's Angry Husband's job, custom home theaters. It was actually a floor model. I love the silver trim around it. You can't find tv's with silver trim anymore.

The ceiling fan is a palm frond pattern from Lowe's. We had the same fan in our old house too. Plus we have this same fan in our bedroom. I love it.

And the black shelves are from Target. They were cheap.

The fireplace is covered with toys now. Toys that Angry Toddler doesn't even play with. There is also a train table in the front room. Angry Toddler is bored with that too. He's finally getting to the age where he doesn't mess with everything. I think it's time to do some minor redecorating.


  1. Very nice...I love the ceiling. You home looks so neat and clean.

  2. I love the color of your hardwood floors! Pretty. I love living in a house with hardwoods.

  3. I love the color of your floor too! I have always wanted to TV like that....

  4. What a fun post! We just moved into our new town on Monday, or I'd join in. Will try soon!

  5. Your living room looks very warm and inviting! I love the neutral colors!

  6. What a beautiful home! Happy Mother's Day!

  7. I had to laugh at the fireplace covered with toys that angry toddler no longer plays with. So describes my living room! Great post and great room. I love taking a look into people's homes. Happy Mother's Day!! It was fun meeting you Wednesday!!

  8. Nice living room! Love the tall ceiling!

    We live in a condo that is 1100 Ft. So I know all about utilizing space. I wish I could afford to get a bigger house right now but we are stuck. We bought almost 5 years ago and are just a tiny bit upside down right now. Gotta love it!


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