Friday, May 22, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday-DINING ROOMS

Kelly from Kelly's Korner has been sponsoring a blogger carnival every Friday called "Show Us Where You Live Friday". I love looking at everyone's homes. I get a sneak peep into everyone's lives. It's also amazing how much people participate in the carnival.

I live in a pretty small house. We don't have a formal dining room. Even if we had a formal dining room, we would probably not use it. So this is what we have. It works for us. Angry Husband hates the table and wants a square one. I think the round table is perfect for the space though. I always win.

This is the full view showing the table. We got rid of the buffet a few months ago. Angry Husband had turned it into a salt water fish tank stand. The curtains are from Pottery Barn. The table is a Mexican Rustic Pine design. The cushions are upholstered to match our family room furniture.

The chandelier is from Lowes. It was in their special order catalog. We are quite fancy in the Angry Household (not). The metal wall decoration was purchased at the Junior League of Orange County's Christmas Company a few years ago.

This mirror is from Z Gallery, a local store here at the mall. We love it. It's the perfect size. It used to hang over our buffet. Notice how the mirror is positioned? Yep, you can see the television in the family room if you are seated against the wall.

The last photo is to showcase our wood floors. We have them throughout most of our house. They are distressed. I love them. When we moved into this house, it had wall to wall carpeting. The carpeting was PINK. Yikes! That was the first thing that went.

This is an afterthought. I see that many people are posting BEFORE photos of their rooms before they redid them, etc. I had to dive into my old photo account to find the photos. I'm adding two photos here. I will continue to do this throughout the home tour series.

I hope that everyone enjoyed the tour of my tiny dining room. I can't wait to see yours..


  1. Love the mirror and the wall decor. I also think a square table would look nice in there. The floors are super nice!

  2. Very nice. I have a bar where my dining room table should be. I guess we know where our priorities are. It is a really nice bar though and I do occasionally eat at it.

  3. Ya, I STILL have a crush on those floors. PS - I have a square table...

  4. LOVE IT! you've done so much to it and it looks great :) PS I gave you a shout out on my lovely blog today :)

  5. Thanks for putting the mirror back so I can see the tv when I sit at your table :) Tell Angry Husband I like the round table.

  6. That's awesome how your positioned that mirror! I love Z gal

  7. I love your floors and the metal wall decor. Very pretty room.


  8. LOVE Z Gallery!! And LOVE your hardwoods, I want distressed in my bedroom.

    And I'm with you, the round table is perfect.


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