Thursday, May 21, 2009

How The Economy Hit Me This Weekend

Saturday was a great day, a bit chaotic, but still great. It was Angry Toddler's birthday party. We all slept in that morning, which was fabulous by the way. Angry Husband did some birthday errands for me, without me nagging (very unusual). Jen from The BLAH BLAH BLAHger came over and took some pictures (a whole other fabulous post later this week) while Angry Husband was gone. We then headed to The Little Gym for Angry Toddler's birthday party.

After Angry Toddler's birthday party we came home and had a BBQ. One of my longtime friends couldn't come to Angry Toddler's birthday because her kids had baseball. I totally understand because I know that this will be my future. We are trying to enjoy our Saturday's now because we know in the upcoming years it will be filled with sports activities and birthday parties. It was really great catching up with my friend. BUT, my mom kept interrupting us. She is quite nosey. Gee, I wonder where I get it from. My friend, Lisa, and I decided to go to a local Mexican restaurant for a margarita so we could have a little vent session without ours moms listening to every word. You would think we were sixteen or something, not women in our early thirties with children. We chatted and drank our $9 margaritas, and went back to my car to go back to my house.

Right away, Lisa noticed that her keys and sunglasses were missing from my car. She told me that she set them on top of her center console since her purse was small and they wouldn't fit. We looked all over my car for the keys and glasses. My car tends to eat things sometimes. We then went back in the restaurant and looked around for her stuff. We even left our information in case they found the keys. We just finally figured that I must have left my car accidentally unlocked and someone came in and took Lisa's keys and sunglasses. We returned home and had to tell our story. I don't think anyone really believed us at first. It's not like we went out and got wasted. We had to call Lisa's sister to meet us to get her second set of car keys. That was not fun. I felt really bad for Lisa because her car keys, house keys, work keys, and storage unit keys were on that key chain. Plus her sunglasses were gone too.

I went on with my usual busy week. I worked the rest of the weekend, took Angry Toddler to his annual doctor's appointment, etc. Last night I had a Junior League meeting at a restaurant, which I hate..blah. When I came out of the restaurant, I noticed some bird poop on my driver's side door of my car. It was near the door handle. I just happened to catch the door lock, and that's when I got mad, really mad. I saw that my door lock was completely punched in. I then realized that my car had not been left unlocked on Saturday night, it was broken into. My friend, Lisa, was at the Nine Inch Nails/Jane's Addiction concert so I left her a voicemail about what I discovered.

I came home and showed Angry Husband my door lock. He said it looks like someone took a flat head screwdriver and hit it with a hammer or something to pop the lock. I really think that this idiot (aka criminal, suspect, dirtbag) thought that the keys were to my car. They are not smart. I think they (dirtbag) were trying to steal my car. My ignition was intact though, thankfully.

I made a police report this morning with the local police department. They were very nice. I told them that the ONLY reason I was making this report was because I would have to file an insurance claim. I know it's going to be very expensive to fix the lock. I actually wish they would have just broken the window, it would have been cheaper. I know, I'm bad. The police employees agreed with me, they think the criminal was trying to take my car. Ironically, my police id badge was sitting in the cup holder right below where the keys were. Maybe they saw it and got scared away, who knows...

I usually don't talk much about my job. But I will give you a little paragraph right here. With the current economy right now, crime is out of control. Property crimes including commercial burglaries, residential burglaries, vehicle burglaries, stolen vehicles, and theft are on the rise. They are getting very bold. I make sure all my doors and windows are secured. I do not leave anything in my car. Try to not leave things in plain site i.e. bags, briefcases, etc. They will smash a window just to take a duffle bag out of your back seat. It may only have your gym clothes, but it could have a laptop computer. If you are a renter, please get renter's insurance. It is very cheap and worth if it.

I called AAA this morning and filed my insurance claim. I have to pay the $250 deductible to get my lock fixed. One more thing in my life I don't want to do.

Oh and the photo above, my official CSI photo for the police report. Their CSI was busy. I took my own photos and forwarded them to the officer. Apparently I take CSI photos on my days off now too.


  1. Renters insurance is a must. I don't know how to stress this to my customers, they think that if you don't own a home, you don't need it!

  2. so sucky. im stupid because i always felt that since my car has personalized plates, there would be less of a chance of it getting stolen. I guess not so much!

    And hey! i can see your reflection in that pic. Nice hat :D

  3. Gosh Julie, I'm so sorry that happened to you! Hope things get worked out asap! :( And that thief gets what's coming to him!

  4. Wow that sucks, Julie!

    Thanks for the tip about the crime rate going up and what to avoid. I know this will probably sound kind of lame since I grew up here, but I kind of got accustomed to living in a place where people leave their keys IN their car over night and no one locks doors. I didn't think about the same security issues there I did here. I wasn't totally dumb about it. But there were a lot of things you just didn't have to worry about. But I'm not living in the mostly rural south now!

  5. Seriously stinks!! Thanks for the heads up on the crime rate going up. What a jerk!! I hope he gets what's coming to him!!

    I never used to worry about locking my car until I had my purse and camera stolen last year from my car. Like Elaina commented we get used to living in a safe area and a false sense of security.

  6. By the way I'm taking one of your buttons and linking you to my blog. They are super cute!!

  7. I am so sorry!!!!!!! I know firsthand how bad it SUCKS and how infuriating it is! I just keep thinking - what goes around comes around - these dirtbags will pay for it. Just sucks. So much time and money that you shouldn't have to spend.

    Ditto on the lock your doors and windows everyone ! Our house was burglarized in November. It is a nightmare, I don't want it to happen to anyone else!!!

  8. I had started reading this earlier and then got interrupted. That SUCKS. And it would piss me off to no end. I hope they saw your ID there and are having trouble sleeping at night worrying about it! Asshats!

  9. Arh! I hate stuff like this. I'm sorry, Julie.

  10. I am really sorry this happened.
    I know the feeling. Even if it is not a HUGE finacial loss- the feeling of being violated can last for months.

    Last year my car was broken into. AND idiot me? Had left my purse in the car. The purse with EVERYTHING in it. Including jewelry I was taking the next day to have sized....along with the cash to pay for it. Oh and the BRAND NEW blackberry I got the day before. All neatly tucked in my new PRADA purse.

    I had left the car in a hurry because I heard the phone ringing in the house. And left my purse there...and forgot I did. Never ever ever again.

    The police never dusted or took photos or ANYTHING. They basically said it was my fault.

    And you know what? IT WAS.

    Hang in there. Thanks for the heads up.

  11. Thanks everyone! I'm really bummed about this. I have to go and get an estimate tomorrow. My dad came over tonight and looked at it. I don't think he realized how bad it was. He was so mad, he started talking about camping out in that parking lot to see if they would try it again.

  12. oh no! that totally sucks. every single one of my cars has been broken into except my current car (knock on wood). i totally feel for you.

  13. I agree with everyone else, that really sucks. I don't know another way to put it.

  14. Sorry this happened to really sucks. It is a good reminder for me though to be more careful about what I leave in the car

  15. So sorry that happened. You are right, people are getting crazy. Theft is out of control.

  16. Oh no...... how terrible! I am so sorry you have to deal with that!


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